My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 451

I was asked about the fight with the orcs

“Well then, I was thinking about watching you train… If you could start now.”
“Sorry. I know you’re already busy with the slums, and I’ve gone and increased your workload.”
“Hoho. It is fine. Besides, work that helps to improve the land is quite pleasant to do.”
“Mm. Indeed.”

Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian had come out to the back garden in order to watch me train. However, I felt bad for taking up their time.
But when I apologized, they smiled and said that they enjoyed it.

As for me, I never really enjoyed having to work. It was something that I had to do.
Well, part of it was because of the overwhelming workload. I didn’t even have time to feel any kind of emotion over it.
Of course, I suppose there was a sense of achievement when things went well. But I would then just feel tired at the thought of the next job.
That being said, working at a company was different from being the lord of these lands. And so I felt just a little jealous of Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian, who enjoyed their jobs.
…Well, perhaps I would start enjoying myself, once I started to grow those herb fields?

After talking for a short while, Sebastian returned to the mansion.
And then I trained with Mr. Ekenhart and Tilura, just like we always did.
As we would be going to the forest soon, Tilura was also more motivated than usual.
Though, due to this excitement, she once lost grip of her sword, and it came flying towards me and stabbed into the ground. That was a little scary…

Of course, Mr. Ekenhart admonished her, and she quickly apologized.
When the sword came flying, Leo had moved her tail in front of me protectively… I was thankful for that.
And so while praising Leo, I had Tilura pet her tail in order to help her relax.
This seemed to work for the most part.
…Though, she seemed to grow tense again when she picked up her sword. But I guess Mr. Ekenhart would keep an eye on her now.

“Mr. Takumi. There is something I wanted to ask you.”
“Hmm? What is it, Tilura?”

After training for a little longer, I stopped to catch my breath. And then Tilura approached me.
Apparently, she wanted to ask me something.

“How was it? Fighting against orcs?”
“Ah…fighting against orcs…”
“Tilura. Why don’t you ask me?”

We would be going to the forest to fight orcs, and help measure our ability.

“Have you ever seen an orc, Tilura?”
“Several times. But the guards would always defeat them.”
“Hmm. I see…”
“…What about me…?”

So it wasn’t like she had never seen any orcs.
Well, they were common monsters, and lived outside of the fenrir forest as well.
They had even attacked Range village… And Tilura did leave the mansion sometimes.
And so she would have had opportunities to see orcs.
Perhaps it was during her travels to the main house.

In that case, she might have seen some battles from a distance. But if that was the case, she should probably ask the guards who were with her at the time.
Well, I was the one who she always trained with, and had fought orcs quite recently.
So maybe it was easier to ask me.
As for Mr. Ekenhart, he seemed quite sad about his daughter not relying on him very much…

He knew a lot more about fighting than me… But I suppose it could be that he was too strong, and so she didn’t think that his advice would be very helpful.
Besides, since he always had guards accompanying him, it was possible that he hadn’t fought any orcs for some time.

“Well, if you’ve seen them, then you know that they are about the same size as humans, and walk on two legs.”
“Yes, that’s right.”
“But though I have fought them, I don’t know much about how they live… In spite of looking heavy, they are very fast. And strong.”
“They are fast?”
“Well, they seemed fast. I don’t know if they are that agile… They are good at charging in one direction, at least.”

I recalled the orcs I had seen in the forest, as well as the ones I fought in Range village, and told Tilura about them.
While they were bipedal, they liked to charge a lot. Perhaps it was due to their similarities with pigs and boars.
But I had never seen them make sharp turns or move in an agile way.
And since I was used to seeing the way that Leo and Mr. Ekenhart moved, they did not seem like much of a threat to me…

While I was explaining this, Mr. Ekenhart nodded, showing that I was not saying anything that was wrong.
It was his way of trying to enter the conversation.

“And so even if things get dangerous, I don’t think you should turn your back on them and run away. Though, perhaps if you are in the forest, they won’t be able to charge straight.”
“Indeed. Orcs cannot make sharp turns suddenly. They have to stop after charging if they want to turn. That being said, if you do get hit, the force is enough to knock you off of your feet.”
“Oh…I see…”

Tilura sighed as she listened to us.
Mr. Ekenhart had finally joined in, and added to my explanation.
Regardless, I was thankful, because it was a subject that I lacked knowledge in.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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