Makai Hongi – 225

Chapter 225

Lesser Demon King Melvis had awakened.
Why? Why so suddenly?


The Demon King was shaking.
And her eyes were filled with tears. They looked like they would fall at any second.

“Te-tell me the details…”
The Demon King was acting bravely…trying to, anyway. But it was clear to all that she was shaken.
To me, she looked like a child who was ready to burst into tears.

“Yes, Your Majesty. It seems that it started when Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s forces invaded Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country. As the armies of both countries clashed near the border, Lesser Demon King Kyuka took a small group and attacked the castle. There are rumors that someone guided them. And so with this small group of subordinates, Kyuka went straight to Melvis.”

That was a very bold attack.
But the castle was in chaos at the time, and truth and rumor were blurred together.

And so the messenger did not know any of the details.
However, everyone who infiltrated the castle with Kyuka were slaughtered.

Kyuka did manage to escape, but no one knew about his whereabouts.

“And what about King Melvis’s awakening…?”

“Both the castle and the town are filled with rumors about it. The path leading to the sealed bed chamber was destroyed, and the room is now empty. And they say that the throne, which had remained unused for hundreds of years, is now occupied by King Melvis himself. However, there are very few people who have seen him in person, and so one cannot be sure that…”

“…I see. Thank you. You may leave.”
Came the menacing voice. The messenger bowed and then left.

But I had seen it.
Seen Tralzard’s legs shaking.

“So he has finally awakened. What will happen?”
There was no need for me to return now. After all, Kyuka had fled. It was amazing.

“Ah…yes. I am too old for this.”

“Perhaps I should consider going into hiding…”
“Why are you trying to run away, hag!”
It was ridiculous.
How traumatized was she?

“But this is King Melvis we’re talking about! If he’s awakened, he must have regained his power. I do not want to face him again!”

Why was she acting so weak? Was she not a Demon King of the Demon World?
Still, I only knew the rumors myself. Perhaps I would be no different if I knew the reality.

“Is he really that frightening?”
“Long ago, my strongest subordinate once challenged him alone.”

“How reckless.”
“There was a reason that it had to be done. And I could only watch from afar… But the moment that King Melvis touched him, my subordinate fainted. Later, I learned that he used a special ability known as ‘Mana Drain.’ It sucks the mana out of anyone you touch. It happened in a second too. All the mana of a Lesser Demon King.”

Apparently, all of this sucked in mana would become Melvis’s power.
It was practically a cheat ability.

“This is when he was a Lesser Demon King…when his mana was greatly reduced?”
“Of course. It was when King Melvis was a Lesser Demon King.”

So the Tablet of Control really was ranking people based on the amount of mana they had inside of their bodies.
To be precise, it was the amount of mana they could store in the Orb of control.

It was only up to the mid-rank races where mana and strength were directly related.
Once you went above them, things like special abilities made more of a difference in the outcome of battles.

“Still, Lesser Demon King Kyuka has been defeated… I wonder what is happening over there.”

It was only a short while ago that I heard that the four southern countries were attacking us.
And now they were saying that Kyuka had led his forces from the north.

Really, what was happening?
Well, some time had passed. Perhaps Kyuka’s wounds had been healed, and so he had decided to attack.

And he had targeted Melvis, thinking the sleeping king would be easy to defeat.
Well, if that was true, he had just kicked the hornet’s nest.

In any case there was no undoing it.
Melvis had awakened.

“From what I heard, it sounds like he would mercilessly kill his own people…”
It was scary not knowing what would anger him.

I didn’t have the skills to navigate through a minefield.
And so to be honest, I had no idea what to do either.

○ Near the Border of Demon King Tralzard’s Country

A young Crew Eagle flew in the sky before losing his balance and crashing to the ground.

But the reason that he was out of breath…was not because he was in a hurry.

“Almost there.”
The young Crew Eagle glared at the top of the mountain, and flapped his wings as he took flight once again.

After several breaks in between, he crossed one mountain before losing his strength.

With blurry eyes, he saw someone walking in his direction.
He didn’t know what race the person was.
After all, the person was wearing a black robe.

“Are you from the Wild Hunt?”
The youth asked. The stranger nodded.

“This…give it to Lord Nehyor…”
As he said this, cracks appeared all over his body. He had solidified.

“Eaten by holy power.”
Muttered the robed figure. And then he took the bag out of the man’s hand.
Immediately after, the body of the youth crumbled.

“The life stone.”
It was the one that had been inside the body of the celestial being.

One of Nehyor’s men, who had been hiding in the town, had stolen it from the corpse. And through a relay of flying subordinates, they had brought it here.

However, the life stone continued to release holy power. It would eat away at your body if you held it for too long.
Aside from this young Crew Eagle, many had been eaten away from this holy power, and died.

The figure in the dark robe clutched it, and then disappeared into the forest.

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