Makai Hongi – 253

Chapter 253

Now that Kyuka understood that the magic attacks wouldn’t work, she charged at me.
At that point, she had already fired off over a hundred magic bullets.

The damage in the area was great.
And all of it was from Kyuka’s magic bullets. It wasn’t my fault at all.

But Kyuka didn’t so much as glance at the destroyed camp or the soldiers who died from the magic bullets.
All of her concentration was used towards killing me.

It was good that she had changed tactics quickly.
And I liked that she was capable of a fist fight as well.

Now I just needed to greet her in the appropriate way…


But when I charged my legs with mana and tried to move towards her…she punched me. I hadn’t even seen her get that close. I was thrown violently into the air and crashed into a group of soldiers as I rolled away.

I apologized rather pointlessly to the twitching soldier I had crushed.
His limbs were bent in odd directions, but he was still alive.
It was rather unfortunate, given how lucky he had been to survive all of the magic bullets.

Apparently, Kyuka was better than me when it came to skills that allowed you to enhance your physical ability. Was it because she had lived longer?
She was licking the blood that dripped from her mouth.

“I’m glad that you can do more than just magic.”
This time, I was the one who moved towards her.
It would be rude if I didn’t return the earlier favor.

I punched Kyuka in the stomach, and when her face moved closer from the impact, I…tried to punch her, but Nehyor’s fist slammed into me from the side.
It hurted like hell.

“Hey, Golan. Did you forget that I was here too?”
Nehyor was proud of his nails, and so he was probably angry that they had bounced off of the dragon scale armor. He was now fighting me with his fists as well.

I had not even noticed that he had appeared next to me. Was this a special ability?
Now that I thought about it, he had teleported like that before.

My body was protected by the dragon scale armor, and I had the mana drain shield on my back.
And I had also become a lot tougher after evolving.

My defense ability had gone up considerably compared to before.
Not only that, but I had charged my whole body with mana when coming out.
It was to strengthen the body in order to withstand my mana level.

And yet Kyuka and Nehyor’s attacks caused me great pain.
I suppose it was to be expected, as they were some of the strongest Lesser Demon Kings around.

“And that just makes it all the more fun.”
And so I charged my body with more, stronger mana.

Before I knew it, I was laughing.

I knew I had been in a fist fight, but parts of my memory were foggy.
Perhaps the memories had been knocked right out of my head.

Still, my fists worked restlessly.
If I was punched, I would punch back.

My left hand felt like it was shattered. Every time it hit something, I heard a wet sound.
Fists, elbows, knees, feet. I used everything at my disposal in order to push Kyuka.

Now, let’s carry on.

I would not lose when it came to the number of blows.
I would always react to an attack.
Not only that. I would add one extra hit for good measure.

And I wouldn’t lose when it came to force either.
I would hit them even harder than they hit me.
No matter how much it hurt, I would return with greater force.

My spirit was no different.
I wouldn’t back down. I could only advance.
I would never fall back.

Even with the armor, this battle between Kyuka and me was a stalemate at best.
And with Nehyor in the mix, there was no way to escape the disadvantage.

I was hit twice as many times, and I was often close to death.

And yet I could not stop laughing.
I felt such a feeling of elation that the pain was all but forgotten.

Sometimes my memory would seem to disappear. And sometimes I heard a bone breaking.
But I just continued to laugh.

“Hey, wait. I’m an intellectual type.”
Nehyor was the first to raise his voice.

He was the kind of crafty person who worked in the shadows. And he seemed to recoil from this very real exchange of blows.
Kyuka also seemed to be slowing down.

While we were in the main camp, this was still the middle of a war.
Perhaps she had decided that she could not use all of her mana here.

It showed that she had regained her calm.
Normally, her subordinates might have to join the fight, but they had not. That would have seemed strange to her as well.

The other me was dry. His mana had not recovered at all.
And mine was running low.

And while I had much more mana to begin with, it still did not reach the level of Kyuka.
And so mine would be depleted first.

“Ahh, that’s quite enough. I don’t care anymore. Golan is too hard.”
Nehyor said as he moved away.

As I continued to laugh and swing my fists, he seemed to have become fed up with this fight.
I didn’t even know why I was laughing. I just couldn’t stop.

I wanted the fight to continue forever.
It was rare to fight an opponent who continued to hit you back no matter how many times you hit them.

My head jerked back after a particularly good slam.

As I looked at the sky and laughed, something entered the corner of my vision.

A flying group. They were quite far away.
And they were headed towards the mountains.

It told me that General Farneze and her subordinates had achieved their goal, and were escaping.

I punched Kyuka back and then retreated a few steps.

“What are you going to do?”

The heat dissipated all at once. You might even say I was calm again.
My mana was just about to reach complete depletion. And I was in the middle of the enemy camp, and right in front of their leader.

And they had left me here all alone.

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