Makai Hongi – 254

Chapter 254

○ Demon King Dalm’s Castle – Melvis

A Lesser Demon King called Kyuka had recently expanded her forces greatly.
And so Great Demon King Dalm told Melvis that he must be careful.

But such a warning did little to phase him. ‘I will just go out in person,’ Melvis replied.
Dalm could do nothing but flinch.

If Melvis really did take to the field, then the damage in the north would exceed his imagination.
Of course, it would affect Dalm’s territories as well.

And while he wanted to ask him to stop, he also knew that leaving Kyuka alone would mean that she would eventually rise to the rank of Demon King.

If that happened, Kyuka would likely set out to swallow up all of the neighboring smaller countries in order to solidify her position.

It wouldn’t be too bad if that was the end of it.
That would hardly affect a Great Demon King like Dalm.

The problem was that everything would not go according to Kyuka’s plan.
The other Demon Kings would not allow it.

They would want to get rid of Kyuka while her influence was still small. That’s what the Demon Kings would decide.
As for Demon Kings in the north who would want to crush Kyuka, there was Trinidodo and Janius, whose lands were directly connected.

Though, both were either warring with another Demon King or in some kind of feud.
In order to survive, Kyuka would have to oppose them with her entire fighting force. And she was not an opponent that the other Demon Kings could fight with one hand.

Ultimately, there was likely to be a chaotic war involving multiple Demon Kings.
And that wasn’t even that bad. It was bad, but it could get much worse.

By some chance, if a single Demon King were to come out as the supreme victor.
The Demon King who prevailed through the war would rise to Great Demon King.

Dalm could not allow that to happen.
It was the same with Bibashini, who was also a Great Demon King.

If they allowed a third Great Demon King to be born, it would create a three-way deadlock.
And that was something that they very much wanted to avoid.

This should be nipped in the bud as quickly as possible.
However, if he moved in a serious effort to be rid of this would-be Great Demon King, then Bibashini might attack him from behind.

After all, the birth of a new leading power would affect the entire Demon World.
Especially with someone like Kyuka, who had recently joined the fray.

But whether Melvis went out or not, the results would not be pretty.
Dalm felt that it would be best to quietly take care of Kyuka without Melvis noticing.
Though, that too felt like a poor plan.

“By the way, King Melvis. You were talking about invisible chains?”
What was very curious to Dalm, was that Melvis was still under a curse that directly affected his soul.

And even Dalm could not tell if they really existed.
Was such a thing possible?

“The chains. They restrict my power, that is all. They do not affect me.”

Restrict his power.
Normally, you could not claim that such a thing ‘had no effect,’ but perhaps it was only Melvis who could feel this way.

“More importantly, I have lost every resource in my search to find King Yamato.”

Melvis speculated that he was trapped in the Human World, but he had no way of confirming this.
Currently, you could not go to the Human World from the Celestial World or the Demon World.

And though he had searched for ways in the Under World, he had been unsuccessful.

If there was anyone besides Melvis who had a chance of being able to make the journey, it was Hera from the Celestial World.
However, Hera was dead. And her soul was in the Under World.

To Melvis, this matter was much more important than the invisible chains.

And then he learned one other thing after coming here.
The chaos in the Celestial World and the depletion of holy power. His search for Yamato was now blocked from all sides.

“Is there really no clue at all?”
As for Dalm, he too wanted Lesser High King Yamato to return.

He could not think of anyone else who could control Melvis.
This was someone who would destroy a whole town in the blink of an eye when he was in a rage.

If there was someone who could stop this, he would gladly become that person’s subordinate.
The other old Demon Kings thought the same. That was how difficult Melvis was to handle.

“Perhaps it would be possible if I knew the results of Enra’s research. After all, the technique that Zeus used to close off the Human World was based on it.”

Dalm had not experienced the age where Lesser Demon King Yamato and Hera were warring.
Hera had fought Yamato in order to get Zeus back.
He had heard that she needed Yamato’s Orb of Control in order to do this.

This ancient war.
The stories that remained focused on the opposition between the Celestial World and the Demon World, but much had happened before that.

Back then, the Human World had been opened. And it was possible to travel to it from the Celestial World or the Demon World.
And while rare, there were times when humans would wander into the Celestial World or Demon World.

And sometimes residents of the Celestial World or Demon World would fight against the humans.

The residents of the Celestial world would want the power from human prayers, while residents of the Demon World wanted their fearful emotion.
As their aims were the complete opposite, they could not see eye to eye.

They would always attack each other on sight.

Apparently, it was Zeus who was very anxious about this.
He had been gathering human believers, and started to sympathize with the them.

At one point, there was a great war in the Human World, and a whole continent had sunk.

And so one day, with all of the results of their research up until then, Zeus drove out the majority of residents of the Celestial World and Demon World from the Human World, and cast a powerful barrier around it.

It was said that the Demon World was thrown into a great chaos during that time.

The barrier had been made by using Zeus’s own body, and deactivation was impossible.
Zeus had died as its pillar. No one had been able to dissuade him from this course.

The Human World was closed off completely.

And it was Zeus’s spouse, Hera, who could not accept this.
Hera continued Zeus’s research and established the Enra Institution.

And a theory was developed. In order to break Zeus’s barrier, you needed to attack it with a magic stone of equal power, in other words, an Orb of Control.

As for a resident of the Demon World who had an orb of that power, there was no one but Lesser High King Yamato.

And so Hera invaded the Demon World with the full power of the Enra Institution in order to kill Yamato.

After that, came a battle for the ages.

While Zeus’s body had disappeared, it was believed that his soul was stuck in the Human World, and Hera wanted to find it in order to bring him back.

It was frightening how strong her attachment was.

Speaking of attachments, Melvis was much the same.
He would not give up in his search to find Yamato.

Demon King Dalm just felt like screaming.
Somebody, do something about this.

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