My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 35

I Gave Them the Presents

“Wow! It’s Leo! Thank you, Mr. Takumi!”

Tilura shouted as she accepted the present. She was smiling as she looked at the wolf on it… Good, so she did like it.

“And…Ms. Claire. …Here.”

While I felt quite nervous towards her, I handed her the hair ornament of a white flower.
…I hoped that my hand wasn’t shaking… It was probably fine…
However, why did I get so nervous around Ms. Claire…? I hadn’t felt nervous when giving Tilura the necklace…

“This…is very beautiful… Thank you, Mr. Takumi. I am very happy!”
“Haha. I’m glad that you like it.”

Ms. Claire smiled happily as she looked at the hair ornament.
While Tilura’s smile had been cute, there was something especially gratifying about seeing a beautiful woman smile.
Though, her cheeks had reddened a little as well. I wonder why?
Well, I was just glad that I was able to give her the present.

“…How do I look?”

Ms. Claire asked me after Lyra put it in her hair.

“Yes, it suits you very well. A beautiful lady is now even more beautiful.”
“!? …What…I’m not that…”

Ms. Claire looked a little embarrassed as she turned away.
Wait, did I just…!
…Why had that just come out of my mouth like that!?
Once I realized what I had said, my face started to grow hot.
Did I now look as red as she did…?

“Sister. Mr. Takumi. What happened?”
“…It-it’s nothing, Tilura.”
“…Ye-yes. It’s nothing at all.”

While she was looking at us strangely, we somehow managed to pretend that it was nothing.
…Still, she continued to tilt her head and stare at us…perhaps she wasn’t fooled…

“It must be nice to be young.”
“But you are still young, Ms. Lyra.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Ms. Claire and I were still looking away and trying to avoid Tilura’s questioning gaze.
But Sebastian and the maids watched us with great amusement.
Even Leo seemed to be laughing as she watched us.
And though our faces remained red for a while, we did our best to entertain and distract the others.
…Only Tilura looked puzzled until the end.


“I’m back, Leo.”

After we were made the night’s entertainment, everyone retired, as it was late.
But as I tried to return to my room, Ms. Lyra suggested that I take a bath, and so I had done just that.
While this world was similar to the middle ages, they did have proper baths.
I was surprised that they even had a bathtub.
And since the mansion was so large, so was the bathing room.
The bathtub was probably big enough for ten people to sit in and stretch out their feet.
And so I scrubbed myself clean, soaked in the hot water, and came out all warmed up.

“You’ll also have to take a bath soon, Leo.”

She groaned quietly and moved away at the mention of a bath.
So even when she was big, she still didn’t like to take baths… And yet she had happily played in the river while in the forest.

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if your pretty silver fur became dull?”
“Don’t give me that face…”

Looking very dejected, Leo rolled up into a ball next to the bed.
Was she sulking? Well, I’m sure she will be fine tomorrow.
Since Leo was like that, I decided to get into bed and think.

“Weed Cultivation…huh…”

When hearing the word ‘weed’ most people would think of the plants that grew everywhere around them.
I was the same.
They were weeds that I didn’t even know the names of. They grow on the side of the road when no one wants them there, and people would step over them as they pass by… It wasn’t the best image.
And so just hearing the name made it seem like a useless ability.
…I had also thought that at first.
However, after thinking about it, I had been able to grow plants like Ramogi, which could be used for medicine. So it was not useless at all.
And so I would think about how to use it as I lay here in my bed.

“The activation requirement…”

It’s not like any random plant would grow.
The only plant I had made so far with this ability was the Ramogi.
I had been thinking about it as I touched the ground, and then it grew from that spot.
In other words, the plant I was thinking about would grow in the exact spot that I touched.

“And I also made the Ramogi dry up in an instant…”

Similar to when growing it, I just imagined it in a dried state, and then it had dried so that it could be used for medicine.
The explanation for this was that it would not activate when I wasn’t thinking about anything, but would activate with a touch and the right thought.
And if I thought about what I wanted to happen to a plant and touched it, the desired change would occur.
Think and then touch. That’s what it was.

“Plants will grow from what I touch…”

Ms. Isabelle had said that this excluded farm produce such as vegetables.
So I could not cultivate vegetables with this ability.

“…If I could, it would have been very useful for farming…”

I had no experience with farming, but there had been a time when I was a little interested in plowing fields.
However, my ability would just get in the way, and create weeds.
They say that weeds took all of the nutrients in the soil that the vegetables needed to grow.
While they didn’t just grow randomly, I might still make weeds grow by accident while cultivating the crops.

“Had it been an ability that helped with farming, I could have made that my job in this world…”

Well, as I couldn’t use it, there was no point in thinking about it now.
Now, how could I use this Weed Cultivation Gift?
I was able to make Ramogi.
In that case, I could perhaps make other plants that were used for medicine.
It would be important to have a grasp on what plants I could make and which I could not.
Also, I would like to test what kind of changes I could cause to occur, just like when I had dried the Ramogi.
Was it simply about making plants ready to be used as medicine, or could I manipulate them freely with thoughts?
…There were so many things that I wanted to know.

“…Well, I will take my time. Right, Leo?”

Leo did not reply, as she was still sulking…that made me a little sad.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Well it’s not just weeds he can make grow. The old lady said that he can make any plant except vegetables grow. I do wonder if he can grow fruits? Then he can grow stuff like apples and tomatoes.

  2. Many weeds are indeed useful if you know how to use them. Dandelions are the classic example of this.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. If Takumi was unscrupulous he could just start making drugs. Coca plants + his processing = cocane. Or Takumi could become yet another Alchemist MC. I hope that doesn’t happen, way too many of them. Honestly if he just created raw materials that should make him plenty rich. Get connected directly with a famous alchemist and Takumi should be able to get any potions he desires made for him as part of his payment.

    I’d actually love to see Takumi become a florist. He should be able to make a perfect blue rose. Imagine him creating an elaborate floral display that isn’t just arranged flowers, but whole plants grown in a very shallow planter that can be kept alive for weeks. That should make him very popular with noble ladies.

  4. He could still be a farmer, just for medical herbs instead.
    Also, I wonder if his gift uses up nutrients in the ground or is it purely magical?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Many “weeds” are vital for the soil. Nitrogen fixer like clover, hairy vetch, lupin etc. could all be considered weeds. Then there are the fact that not all lands are flat and ideal for farming, growing weeds to make pastures for livestock to graze on is important too. Then there are the many medicinal weed and useful weeds, that can be used as dyes, spices, soap, etc. Or just plain decorative flowers. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

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