My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 36

This Morning, I Was Awakened By Tilura

In the previous world, I was so overwhelmed with work, and had very little free time in my personal life.
But through coming to this world, I felt as if I was starting my life over, and so I thought that I would relax more.
Besides, I wanted to give Leo plenty of attention.

“While there is so much to think about, there is no reason to rush.”

Thankfully, Ms. Claire had been the first person I met in this world, and she had welcomed me to this mansion.
But I couldn’t rely on her hospitality forever, and I also wanted to return the money that I had borrowed in order to go shopping.

“…And to Sebastian as well.”

If I could use Weed Cultivation to make plants that were used for medicine, then that could lead to all sorts of things.
I would think carefully and expand on what I could do.
Here, there was no superior who would get angry if I took a break, or would give me more work just as I finished up, or would shout at me for not being fast enough…


Just as I decided to stop thinking and go to sleep, I suddenly remembered that Leo was sulking. She had ignored me the last time that I called her name.
I raised my head a little to look at the side of the bed, and saw that she was curled up and sleeping.
Perhaps she was dreaming of food, as her mouth was moving a little as if chewing. It was rather amusing.

“…So dogs…Silver Fenrirs, also have dreams?”

I watched Leo for a while, and then pulled the blankets over myself and closed my eyes.

“…Ah…tomorrow… I’ll ask if I can…test Weed Cultivation…in the back garden.”

Just before falling asleep, when I was barely awake, I thought of plans for tomorrow as the day ended.


I heard a knock on the door.
And then I opened my eyes.

“…Ah, it’s morning.”

The blinding morning light poured in from the window.
After blinking a few times, my eyes got used to the light, and I got out of bed.
In the meantime, the knocking on the door continued.
…I should not keep them waiting.

“Who is it?”
“Mr. Takumi, it’s Tilura. Can I come in?”

So it was Tilura who was knocking.
She sounded very cheerful even though it was early in the morning.
Leo must have heard the knocking as well, as she uncurled her body and got up before extending her two front legs and stretching.

“You can come in.”
“Excuse me! Good morning, Mr. Takumi and Leo!”
“Good morning. You’re up early.”

Tilura flew into the room and greeted us first.
She had clearly been properly educated.
Well, maybe not. As she had entered without knocking yesterday in order to cling onto Leo…
Perhaps she only knocked this time because Ms. Claire had scolded her.

“Mr. Takumi, thank you for buying that necklace of Leo for me.”
“Hahaha. That’s not Leo. But I thought you might like it, since it’s a wolf.”
“Yes! I really like it! I’ll take good care of it!”

She was wearing it now, and she said this as she held the necklace preciously with both hands.


Leo seemed to be curious, as she pushed her nose towards Tilura’s hands.

“Leo, look! It’s you!”
“Wou… Wuff! Wuff!”

Tilura showed Leo the necklace, and then Leo noticed the part that looked like a wolf.
However, she did not seem to care for it, as she then shook her head.
…I think that she was saying, ‘That’s not me! I look so much cooler!’
She was a girl who wanted to be cool… Also, ever since coming to this world, I seemed to understand Leo’s gestures and barks a lot more…
Even when she was a puppy, she had sometimes moved in an oddly human manner compared to most dogs, but it was like I could actually hear a voice now.

“You don’t like it, Leo?”
“Wou… Wuff!”

Tilura must have felt that Leo’s gestures were a rejection, as she looked a little crestfallen. And so Leo rubbed her face against her as a consolation.

“Ehehe. You feel so good, Leo.”

Tilura laughed as she touched Leo’s fluffy fur.
The two sure did get along… Yes, it was nice to see them be friends.
But as I smiled and watched them, my stomach suddenly rumbled.

“Ah, Mr. Takumi. Are you hungry?”
“…Ah… Ahaha. Yes, I am. …Well, this is a little embarrassing.”

It seemed like Leo was laughing at me.
Damn it. I would have to be careful so that my stomach didn’t rumble next time.

“Are you hungry too, Leo?”
“In that case, let’s go to the dining hall!”

So saying, Tilura took my hand and was about to dash out of the room, but I stopped her.

“Wait a minute, Tilura. I just got up. And so I need to get ready before going down to eat.”
“…I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. You were just concerned because we were hungry, right? That’s very kind of you.”

I patted Tilura on the head as she chuckled bashfully.
As Leo moved her face close to me, I patted her on the head as well.

“Well, then. I will be waiting for you at the dining hall!”
“Yes, I’ll be right there. Ah, could you take Leo with you?”
“Ah…yes! Let’s go, Leo!”

Tilura seemed to be very happy to be able to go with Leo, as she nodded with a smile and then the two headed to the dining hall together.

“Now, it’s time to use that razor I bought yesterday.”

Well, it was a blade that looked like a razor. But I decided to think of it as this world’s razor.
I took it out from my belongings from yesterday, and then faced the mirror.
You had to work quickly in the morning.
I shaved carefully so that I wouldn’t cut myself, and then I washed my face.
Then I quickly changed my clothes and then rushed to the dining hall where the others were waiting.
Ms. Claire and Sebastian would likely be waiting for me as well.
…Ms. Lyra was waiting for me outside of my door again, and while I was a little surprised, she escorted me to the dining hall.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. I think every pet owner (if they actually care for them) has the same empathic relationship with their pet(s). As a Maltese owner myself, I can say that I often marvel at my little lass’s human-like responses and actions.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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