Makai Hongi – 7

Chapter 7


Well, the war council was finally finished. And so I thought back on what had been discussed.

Yes, I was probably getting ahead of myself.


Besides, was saying you would take the enemy stronghold tomorrow, really called a ‘plan’?

Well, since it was decided at a war council, I suppose it was?


No, I could understand if we decided to launch an attack on the stronghold, and lure them out for a follow-up attack. Something like that could be considered a plan.

If this was baseball, it would be like telling the batter, ‘just hit the ball a lot,’ or ‘ignore breaking balls and focus on the straight balls.’


As for my suggestion, ‘I’ll take the stronghold tomorrow,’ that was like saying, ‘get a hit the next time you’re at bat.’

“…If only it was as simple as signing.”


If it was, we just needed to sign until we won.

Thinking of it like that, I definitely felt like I was moving too fast.


Even after I left the canopy, the thoughts plagued my mind. That was when someone grabbed my arm.


“I was calling you. Didn’t you hear?”

It was one of the Gob-gob brothers. This one didn’t have a bow, so it must be Grobo.



He didn’t look very friendly. What did he want?”


“I think your actions have been disgraceful. Even if Commander Nehyor overlooks them, I won’t forgive you!”

He sure was passionate. Everyone in my old village had been like this. I suppose goblins weren’t so different from us.


It was an amusing thought.

Perhaps residents of the Demon World had to attack people they were meeting for the first time. They just couldn’t seem to live without doing it.


“What’s so funny!”

And they always got angry so quickly.

When it came to ogres, there was no point in talking anymore. A fight was inevitable.


It didn’t happen as much recently, but before, I would fight like this almost once a day.

After all, people were practically waiting in line to fight me.


“Alright, let’s cut the formalities. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

We didn’t need to go through the motions leading up to it.


“You sure are confident for someone with so little mana!”

So he could tell.


I suppose I was really dull, as I found it difficult to measure a person’s mana.

Regardless, mine was apparently quite a bit lower.


That being said, I wasn’t going to try and escape this fight.

It wasn’t just for me. I had to win this for the men I looked after.


“This is the perfect place. Now, let’s do it.”



Grobo glared at me and then accepted a spear from his subordinate. So, he was a spear-wielder.

Nehyor had said so when explaining the plan.


The thing was, I wasn’t scared of an opponent who used a spear.

You could do a lot with a spear, such as thrusting and sweeping, but monsters rarely picked up a weapon and mastered them in the way a martial arts expert would.


They just swung their weapons as hard as they could. And so they were manageable.


“A spear, huh? …I’ll go with this.”

I said as I spread my arms provocatively.


Baring your chest like this was a good way to make them lunge at you. I just needed to be prepared.


As predicted, Grobo charged towards me and thrust his spear.

I used ‘aiki’ to dodge it.


It was like using your forearm to draw a circle by rotating it at the elbow. And then, the tip of the spear moved away from my body and shot past me.


Grobo’s feet skidded on the ground as the expected impact did not come. And so I greeted him with a slap on the jaw.


Makai Hongi

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