Makai Hongi – 345

Chapter 345

Melvis would not stop until he slaughtered every last one of the celestials.
That is what I had assumed. But I was wrong.

There was one other thing.
Everything was completely forgotten the moment he sensed something related to Lesser High King Yamato.

I had to tell him about how I had met Yamato.
That was why I came here.

“I don’t really know where to start. So I’ll tell you the conclusion first. King Yamato is in the Human World.”

Melvis and I were currently in a black world that no one else could enter.
We were the only living creatures who were inside. He called it the ‘Negative Mist.’

Not only mana and holy power, but magic and any kind of energy was nullified when in contact with this mist.

I suppose it was the ‘negative’ to anything that was ‘positive.’
It was a good thing that I knew ‘Mana Absorption.’

Otherwise, I would probably die within the mist.

“The Human World. I also thought that there was no other place… But, how did King Yamato get inside the barrier?”

“It seems that Hera had been making preparations. She targeted King Yamato because she needed someone who had an ‘Orb of Control’ that was equal to Zeus’s power.”

Hera’s tenacity…her obsession. And in the end, she had succeeded.

And just like this ‘Negative Mist,’ she had brought something that was equal and also the opposite to Zeus’s barrier, and so nullified it.

That was how she descended into the Human World…with Yamato.
Though, I’m sure that Hera’s original plan had been to kill Yamato, and then take his orb with her.

However, Yamato was stronger than she thought.
And after being pushed to the brink, Hera was forced to make a difficult decision, and activate a certain skill.

It was just my imagination, but I think she sensed that it could be her end, and she activated the art to cross through barriers.

If she failed, they would be blocked by the barrier and die.
However, it was much better to die by Zeus’s barrier than in the Demon World.

Perhaps it was with such thoughts that she fell with Yamato… Or I was overthinking it.
It’s also possible that Yamato did something when it happened.

Regardless, they both got through and landed in the Human World.
I think it was only possible because it was Hera and Yamato.

“The battle between the two continued in the Human World. But in the end, Hera was defeated. She then fled, and Yamato discovered that there were people from the Demon World who had been left behind in the Human World.”

It was around this time in human history that sightings of such fantastic creatures started to become rare.
The creatures that were spoken about in legends had vanished.

This was because they had all gone to the ‘Other World’ with Yamato.
He had traveled through the human world and gathered together the old residents of the Demon World.

At the same time, he hunted down residents of the Celestial World who had also remained.
And so stories of gods and angels also died at this time.

Yamato eradicated them just as he protected the residents of the Demon World.
Not only that, but he even tried to change the human perception that the ‘Celestial World’ was good’ and that the ‘Demon World was bad.’

I don’t know how serious this effort was, but he had succeeded to a degree.
However, there were still plenty who practiced the old faith, and so the effects were limited.

“In this world that King Yamato created, residents of the Demon World have forgotten how to fight, and live peacefully.”

Non-combatant races and races with short lives were quick to switch to the new generations.
And so there were some who had changed so much that they even had different names.

Everything had been remade so they would not cause any harm to the humans.

“I suppose it was done so they can co-exist with the humans.”

Melvis understood things even without me explaining them.

“King Yamato would never abandon his own. I suppose this world that he made would be destroyed if he ever left it.”

“Yes. And so in order that they can live with humans when the time comes, he was trying to change their true nature.”

The more dangerous that they were, the more danger the entire Demon World would be in.

In order to avoid this, he had spent much time trying to change them.
However, there were some who would not be changed.

These were people who did not feel like they were alive unless they could fight.
And so Yamato allowed them to riot. Directed them so they could die in battle and be satisfied.

It was all in preparation for his own death.

“I opposed King Yamato in regards to this, and we fought… Well, I lost and was killed.”

And then I returned to the beginning.
About how I had died in the Demon World and entered a Personification in the Human World.

I told him about how if the Personification was destroyed, the soul returned to its original body.
In my case, I thought I was dead, and while I was in suspended animation, and might as well have been dead, the soul and flesh were still connected.

“So that’s how you returned.”
“Yes. I returned. Which is what allowed me to talk to you about what happened in the Human World like this.”

He really was quick to understand.
When it came to Yamato, he was very clear headed.

“If there is anything else I should tell you, I suppose it is about Hera and the barrier.”

She had heavy wounds from her battle with Yamato, and had lived in hiding, somewhere in the Human World.
Zeus’s remains were in the center of the barrier, and Yamato had created the Other World’s barrier over it.

And then Hera came, and the battle was finally settled.
I then told him that it was likely that Yamato knew that he did not have long to live. That was why he was acting in such extreme measures.

“I see… So you came to the Human World and returned. Why do you think it was possible?”

“I think the first thing you can do is sever your soul from the body. If you are just a soul, you can enter the Human World through the Under World. However, only purified souls can go down the road to reincarnation. If you can do something about that, then it should be possible.”

I knew, because it had happened to me.
“The first thing…I suppose there are other ways then.”

“I believe that Hera’s research involved breaking or traveling through the barrier. If the Enra institution really does have such a method, you might be able to take it from them.”

While Hera might have tried to get through with just an Orb of Control, it had been possible to do it with Yamato’s entire body.

I didn’t know what had happened or if it could even be replicated.
However, if it happened once, then it had to be possible.

“I see. If I follow the steps that led you and King Yamato to the Human World, I might be able to go.”
Melvis nodded gravely.

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