Makai Hongi – 346

Chapter 346

It was due to this state of apparent death, this temporary death, that I had been able to go to the Human World.
Not the ordinary Human World, but the ‘Other World’ that Yamato had created.

There, I traveled and learned about the situation of the Other World. And at the end of my travels, I met Yamato before returning.

It took a long time for me to explain all of this.

But Melvis listened to me quietly.
It was as if he were carefully examining every word to ensure that I was speaking the truth.

I was in a black space. Alone with Melvis.
Could anything be more chilling?

“Earlier, you absorbed my mana. Did King Yamato teach you to do that?”
“No. It’s my special ability.”

Melvis looked at me suspiciously upon hearing this.
Perhaps he had assumed that it was a special ability that only Yamato could use.

Being able to absorb an enemy’s mana during a fight would be a very special ability.
In the Demon World, you could say that all battles were about chipping away at an opponent’s mana.

If you didn’t have mana, then your attacks and defenses would be weak. And you could not unleash any magic.

On the other hand, if you had lots of stored mana, you would become stronger, and might even be able to face an enemy’s most powerful attack without taking any damage.

That’s why it was important to measure an opponent’s mana and determine how strong they were.
And so it was a tremendous advantage to be able to replenish it during a battle. And from the person you were fighting.

“I don’t know of anyone who can do it, outside of Yamato.”

So Melvis hadn’t heard of anyone else doing it either.
That was why he was so curious about me.

“I think it might have something to do with my race, Susanoo-no-Mikoto. Demon King Tralzard said that there were similarities with it and King Yamato’s race.”

When I told him that I had undergone special evolution from an Ogre, he asked me various questions.
He was trying to find common points, but after a while, it seemed like he was mostly just basking in nostalgia.

When Melvis had first met him, Yamato had already become a Yamato Takeru no Mikoto. Even though he tried to get rid of them, there would be people who followed Yamato. And while he hated it, he would still protect them.

The Yamato that Melvis talked about seemed both very different and very similar to the Yamato I had met.

And so Melvis and I talked for a very long time within that mist.
Most of it centered on what happened in the Human World, but there was also a lot of talk about my ace.

Also, knowledge about my past life was also useful.
The science and technology of the humans that Yamato feared so much. I knew all about it.

No matter how strong residents of the Demon World were, if they were hit by thousands, tens of thousands of missiles, would they really be able to survive?

At the very least, anyone under the high-rankers would die.
That was how powerful these weapons of mass destruction were.

In order to keep the existence of the Demon World a secret, and to keep the interest of the humans from turning towards it, Yamato would not deactivate the barrier.
That was something that I had to tell him.

“So King Yamato chose to protect those who live in the Demon World.”
Had he wanted to return, he could have just destroyed the barrier.

The barrier that Zeus had created in order to protect the humans was now acting as a wall to protect the Demon World and Celestial World from them.
How had Melvis taken this decision by Yamato? I couldn’t tell.

Finally, I finished telling him everything. It took a lot longer than I expected.

“I understand now. But I will have to think about it and organize my thoughts.”
Apparently, Melvis was going to return home now.

So, I had accomplished my mission.
I did expect it to go so smoothly.

I had been able to tell him about Yamato, and he was no longer angry.
When was the last time I had achieved such a victory?

Melvis deactivated the ‘Negative Mist.’
Our surroundings returned to normal.

Now, if Melvis returned to his country, it would all be over.
As I looked up at the sky with a sense of relief…

“Found it.”
“The example of success has been found!”

“It is here.”
“Capture. Capture.”

“Take out the magic stone.”
Residents of the Celestial World. A great host of them.

Why were they all gathered here?
It was because Melvis had created the ‘Negative Mist’ right above their base.

And we had been talking for so very long.
They must have noticed the change and come to see. Yes, it should have been obvious.

“…Hmm. Perfect. I’ll tear the truth of Hera’s research from you directly.”
Of course.
He was going to fight.

In order to avoid being hit in the crossfire, I strengthened my body and moved away from Melvis.

With a dash. Like some rabbit.
I escaped in a straight line.

Without even looking back, I ran at full speed… And when I felt that I was far enough, I turned around.

“Why are you moving in my direction!”
The residents of the Celestial World were chasing me in droves.

Immediately after, Melvis’s magic was complete.
I heard the words, ‘Torrential Spears,’ and jet black spears flew in every direction.


I dodged them. Just barely.
It was by mere chance that I wasn’t hit.

Only because I had strengthened my body, and because the spears came from the front.

But since the celestials were in the air, a great number of them were pierced by the spears.
And so more than half of them plummeted to the ground, head first.

Some of them were high-rankers, and so they could survive even if they were wounded.

“Call for reinforcements.”
“I called them.”
I heard the ominous voices.

Was it telepathy? It must be.
“Damn it.”

Reinforcements. Were they going to gather here?
Also, they were clearly targeting me. And didn’t they say something about taking out my magic stone?

For residents of the Demon World, the Orb of Control was as important as your heart.
It was where the soul resided.

(This is really bad. I won’t be able to fight them off if I’m alone. But if I get any closer to Melvis, I’ll die just by getting hit by the shockwaves of his attacks.)

So, what could I do?

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Makai Hongi

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  1. You’d think Melvis would try not to hit him? Isn’t he somewhat valuable to him – or at least interesting? Well maybe not that Golan has told him everything he wanted to know.
    Although who else could hope to remove his chains?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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