Makai Hongi – 327

Chapter 327

Beka had lured this dangerous herd towards me. But now, even they were disgusted.
Their bloodshot eyes had returned to normal.

“Huh? What happened?”
“Is it because I killed the one in the front?”

The one who had been chasing Beka was likely the leader of the herd.
And he had gone down so easily. Perhaps it had made them regain their cool.

I took a step forward. The Red Savage Horses moved back.
But as they were close together, they could not move much, and they became frantic.

My guess was that Beka had been the one to antagonize them.
I could imagine it. Them coming at her all at once, and she deciding to run away.

“Alright, Golan. Let’s do it!”
Beka grabbed one of the Red Savage Horses.
They had long necks. Beka wrapped both of her legs around it and used her weight to snap the bones.

I could hear the dull sound. But it remained on its feet.
In times such as these, you actually felt sorry for those with tougher bodies.

They could survive having their necks broken.

Beka then used the centrifugal force to bend her body in the opposite direction and broke the bones again with a dull ring.
This time, it fell to the ground. It was still twitching, but it would die if left alone.

Once the strongest in a herd was killed, the others would usually back off.
And I couldn’t just stand back and watch. I kicked forward and crushed the leg of one of them.

“All of you! Get in line! I’ll crush every one of you!”
I shouted. And it had an immediate effect.

They turned on their hooves and ran away.

“Well, that was a disappointment!”
“If you can’t win, then running isn’t a bad idea.”

And so they were correct to act that way.
They may be failures as soldiers, but they had likely just been brought in for their savage nature. And they might not have been properly trained.

Had it just been one on one, Beka would have been able to deal with the situation by herself.
They were only a threat because they attacked their prey together.

So if you had to fight them, it would be best to lure out a few and break them up.
She would be a lot stronger if she was capable of thinking about such things.

Beka was now looking from left to right as if searching for her next prey.
“What are you doing?”
“Hey, Golan. Are we in the far back now? I think I might be lost.”

As she had been running away, she had lost track of where she was.
So she had been running through an enemy camp without even thinking. She was as stupid as ever.

“Exactly. A place where we can expect to meet their leader. Since you’re already here, you can accompany me. There is something in the back.”

“Whaat? Now?”

“Yes. Now. Just follow me.”
Beka was not enthusiastic, but followed me anyway.

Normally, if the enemy leader was nearby, you would assume that it was beyond your ability or position.
You would lose if you fought. And if you lost, you would die.

But in Beka’s case, the feeling that ‘this would be interesting’ had won over.

There is a saying about how curiosity killed the cat.
It could probably apply to her.

It was almost surprising that she hadn’t died already, after falling into some situation that was out of her control. However, luckily or unluckily, she was always with Saifo or me. And so she survived.

Now that she had evolved, there were considerably fewer people who were capable of defeating Beka.

That being said, she still got carried away, as had been proved earlier.

There were still partitions in front of us, blocking our view.
And beyond them, a camp enclosure.

It was likely being used for someone important.
I could sense that there was someone strong inside.

“Hey, Golan. This is bad. Bad.”
“Ohh… You can tell?”

Now that I thought about it, I was the only one in the Demon World who had trouble with measuring an opponent’s mana.
Not only that, but Beka was able to sense their presence.

I had taught her how to do it, so she must have remembered.
She had a good memory when it came to combat.

“Or not. Since she keeps charging into me.”
“Huh? What?”

Normally you would learn your own lack of strength after being hurt and thrown so many times.
And yet she kept charging every time she recovered. She just didn’t learn.

“Let’s go.”
I pushed through the enclosure and stepped inside.

There were two figures there.
One of them was missing its right arm. It had been torn off.

Perhaps it had been bitten off. At the very least, it hadn’t been severed with a blade.
“…I see.”

Injured or not, this was the boss in this camp. The Commanding General.
The reason that the battle had ended quickly must be because the two Generals clashed early on.

And Tralzard’s General had lost, and the army retreated.
Well, the victor hadn’t come out unscathed. Quite the opposite.

And so the other figure was a subordinate—and would probably attack me soon.

“Hey, that injured one…is really strong.”
“Aye. Leave it to me. You deal with the other one.”

“I don’t mind. But the other is probably still stronger than me…I don’t know about this.”
“Win. And if that’s too hard, just buy some time.”

The injured enemy was dangerous.
Even with an arm missing, it had more mana than me.

Someone that I knew Beka had no chance of winning against.
As for the attendant…I don’t know. She could win if she was lucky.

While Beka had lower mana, she had beaten people stronger than her before.

The problem was with me.
Even though the enemy was wounded, it had power comparable to Miralda.

And this wasn’t even an important battlefield.
I had assumed that the morale would be low here. But it wasn’t.

I was impressed that Tralzard’s army had even been able to take an arm at all.

“Hey, Beka.”

“Lure the other one away. You’ll die if you get hit by a by-blow.”
“Ahh! I’ll move right away. So don’t start too soon!”

Beka had seen my best more than once, and she was very afraid.
However, I would not be able to win if I held back at all.

Even if I went all out, I would still be at a disadvantage.
One mistake could be lethal.

As Beka moved away, the enemy’s attendant followed.
They too had been making calculations.

In other words, it was decided that I would be facing the stronger of the two.

(It looks like a Chimera, but I’ve never seen this race before. There are so many mixed features that it’s difficult to know what its weaknesses would be…)

The face was the easiest to understand.

It was made of stone, as if it was wearing a mask.
If that was it, then I might have guessed it to be some kind of Stone Mask sub-type, but its body was completely different.

It had fur like a beast. It was gray with black patches.
The arm was similar to a tiger or lion. My guess was that was where most of its attack power resided.

And that would explain why it was targeted.

It looked like a beast, but it stood on two legs.
And the hind legs were thicker than those of any beast I had ever seen.

It made me think that it could spring out with monstrous speed.

(Perhaps it specialized in anti-magic.)

It would be difficult to hit someone with magic if they moved nimbly from right to left.
They would dodge the magic before it landed, close in and crush you.

There weren’t many races who could fight like that….
They were the mortal enemy of those who fought with ranged magic. That was who was in front of me right now.

(In that case, I should be a good match for it.)
When it came to the high-rankers, most of them prefered to fight with magic, instead of relying on physical strength.

If it had become stronger by creating blood baths out of such people, then it would dislike people like me, who was a completely physical type.

This was the guy who defeated Tralzard’s General.
(I better make the first move…)

I lowered my center of gravity and strengthened my entire body.
There would be no holding back. I would finish this as quickly as possible.

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  1. Aww I was kinda hoping that those horses would decide to swear loyalty to Golan after their leader goy killed. Then Golan and his forces could attain mounts.

    • Ogres would rather treat them as food than as something to ride on. One Golan would not manage enforcing the rules of proper equestrian etiquette, and even he is clueless in that regard.

  2. Because is just like him – constantly challenging someone stronger than herself. Golan’s self awareness is zero when he criticises others for such things.

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