Makai Hongi – 48


We were almost there.

So far, no magic had come flying our way. Perhaps this was too unexpected for them. They were not ready.

But it was good for us that no ranged magic attacks were flying.

This was also due to the many times that the enemy attacked our base.

We ogres were weak to magic attacks.

Because of this, we had made a point of taking out their magic users with ‘Rock Throw’ as quickly as possible.

Our rocks against their magic.

Either their numbers had gone way down, or they felt they were at a disadvantage, and stopped coming out.

Perhaps they were transferred?

In any case, the fact that there was no magic flying at us meant that our hard work had paid off.

And now, we were all carrying long poles as we dashed up the slope.

As for how we would be using them…

“Follow me!”

I stabbed the point of the pole into the ground, bent it, and launched myself into the air.

Yes, it was pole vaulting.

When the enemy started building their wall, I made my men train.

While these meat heads were not good with using their heads, their bodies had a quick way or remembering things.

My body easily soared over the wall of stone, dirt and wood.

Surely, they would be able to do it too.


I had a little too much momentum.

And so I carved out a huge tract of dirt during my landing. Then I looked up at the stunned enemy and roared.


Then the other ogres followed me.

Our plan had succeeded. The power of meatheads.

They ran so fast that they all made it into the camp.

Apparently, there were only centaurs here.

They wielded bows and arrows. They must have grabbed them frantically when they saw us.

“You’re not prepared for close quarters combat.”

They had likely thought they could buy time by keeping us away with their bows. And they would wait for their spearmen to arrive.

I grabbed the club that was tied to my back. I had given my men an order before we charged.

“When I take out my weapon, crush them!”


And so the stampede began.

We fell upon the centaurs and their bows.

Most of them went down in a single hit.

What else could happen when hit at this range?

It was a rather one-sided battle. And before too much time had passed, the area around us was cleared.

“Now, the problem is getting past the second wall.”

It wasn’t as high as the first one.

But as it was made of logs that were tightly stacked, we could not see inside.

Also, there was an eerie silence. Perhaps the centaurs were just disposable pawns, and the defenses inside had been strengthened.

These were people who sent their golems into the miasma zone. They would just consider it a necessary sacrifice.

“The tunnel isn’t blocked off. But I don’t want to go through it.”

When I looked inside, I saw the light.

There were a number of these underground tunnels that led inside the second wall of defense.

They used it to position their men. But I knew we would be hit the moment we went through.

“In that case…let’s break this.”

The destructive power of ogres was enough to deal with some logs.

“But they’ll probably be waiting for us.”

Maybe I should go first… I wondered. But then one blood-thirsty ogre started to kick down the wall.


We don’t know what’s on the other side. Be careful… But before I could say that, something that was the size of a telephone pole came flying and slammed into the ogre. It took him right towards the first wall and skewered him to it.

“That…it was an arrow?”

While it was as thick as a telephone pole, it was feathered, so perhaps it was an arrow.

“Who the hell shot that?”

No, it was obvious.

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