Jack of all Trades – 312

Monster Hunt


The city outskirts. 

We had moved to the walls and immediately prepared to fight.

“Trying anything too complex will only result in failure. We have to stop it from moving. That’s all.”

Adlus unsheathed his sword and glared in the direction where the ground was shaking.

“We will do everything we can to stop it. And then Asagi will deal the final blow. You can do that, can’t you?”

“Yeah. I won’t miss it again. We have nowhere to run, after all.”

We had moved away from the buildings, as we wanted to avoid getting crushed when they came toppling down. But now cavern walls were at our backs. And there was no exit near to us. This was to avoid having the entrance collapse and end up sealing us inside.

In other words, we were trapped. This was where we had to fight. It was the final stage.

The shaking grew stronger and louder. But it was definitely slower now compared to when it had first charged. The wounds and severed legs had done their job.

“I can see it!”

One Adventurer cried just as its head appeared from between two buildings. Its numerous eyes were looking straight at us.

What was it? Its purpose. Why had it appeared?

I had so many questions, but I suppose they would have to wait until it was dead. It wasn’t exactly the kind of thing you could capture alive.

“Still… Monster-monster-monster. It doesn’t sound right. How about giving it a name? Scolopendra Goblin!”

Hmm, Adlus. What a dork.

“It is too long, annoying, and more importantly, nobody cares. It is clearly not a goblin. It is just a monster.”

Daniela said rather savagely. Adlus must have been proud of what he had come up with, because he looked at Daniela with a blank expression. Daniela ignored him and gathered jade energy into her hands. Wind magic.

“Now, it is time to fight.”

She nocked an arrow, drew, and then fired it along with a boost of magic. Her arrow traveled faster than any of the other arrows that were unleashed by the Adventurers at the same time. And it went straight into the monster’s head.


Once again, it sounded like numerous voices combined into one. I held back the urge to cover my ears and waited for my opportunity.


Adlus shouted, and a second volley of arrows and magic attacks were unleashed. Half of the Adventurers that were with us were rear guards. And their firepower was a sight to behold.

The arrows pierced into the monster one after another. The magic bullets tore out its flesh, carving away its body.

Like this, as countless projectiles filled the air, the advance guard did not have a lot to do. I wasn’t going to get caught in that even if it was an order.

That being said, I couldn’t exactly run away either. And so I waited. My sword was unsheathed and in my hand, but I wasn’t really doing anything. I suppose it was just my way of making it known that I was just as enthusiastic as the others who were actually doing something.

However, battles were always unpredictable. And we weren’t bored for long.

“Hmm. Goblins are coming.”

Manager muttered. This information that she gained from Shadow Read spread out immediately. Those of us in the advance guard all shouted to each other and waved our swords, welcoming the enemy.

Still, we had assumed that all the goblins were dead. But now they seemed to pour out of the shadows of a building. They swung their rusty weapons as if to defend the giant monster. We of the advance guard met them, easily striking the weapons out of the hands of the goblins and cutting them down.

Even as the giant monster was targeted by the rain of arrows and magic, it continued to move towards us. Its numerous eyes were now unrecognizable after the damage from the explosions of fire, thunder, wind, and earth magic.

“Haaahhh…what chaos…”

The giant monster. The ear-shattering noise of magic attacks. The goblins that crawled out like cockroaches. And the Adventurers who disposed of them.

And yet, there was hope of victory in all of that.

It could no longer see after all the ranged attacks had taken out its eyes. It crushed goblins with its feet as it moved, and the weapons on the ground carved its body up even more. It was getting slower by the second. Now that it was being attacked by all sides, surely it would have no energy to do anything else.

I took out Schwartz Tempest and waited. And while I waited, I activated Jack of all Trades, Master of None, and simulated my next attack. I had done this many times before. But I was going to rely on my old master anyway. It was my strength. I was both safer and more confident this way.

I was able to believe that there was no way that I wouldn’t defeat it.


I muttered quietly and activated Legs of the God Wolf. Then I raised the speed until the sounds of the wind were high-frequency.

I started it off in a crouch while holding a greatsword, which was not ideal, as I looked up at Daniela who was still unleashing arrows. Daniela noticed and then nodded at me. I nodded back.

‘Ready, steady, go.’ I thought to myself. And started. My first step caused the ground to crack under my foot, and then I leapt into the air. By my third step, I was already in front of the monster.

“Kamiyashiro Style – Water Blade Azure Fusion!”

The greatsword with the watery blue blade. It was incredibly sharp and fast as it thrust forward. Furthermore, the magic energy in the blade expanded, causing an explosion that did more damage than a mere thrust.

Like this, I shot through the tunnel I had created through the monster. What was left, was a monster with a hole in its head. Immediately after, the magic attacks that had been unleashed before I shot forward, reached the monster.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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