Cave King – 114

Chapter 114 – A mysterious voice echoed!?


“They sure eat a lot…”

I said as I watched the dragons chomping on some fish.

It hadn’t even been half a day since they hatched, but they were swallowing the fish whole.

Rienna nodded.

“Since they cried at first, I thought they were no different than any other babies… But it seems like they’ll grow even faster than Ril and Mel. Ah…”

After finishing its fish, the Fire Dragon, Fal, suddenly began to beat its wings.

Like that, Fal rose into the air and flew into Rienna’s arms.

I called out to Fal after seeing this.

“You can fly already? How clever.”

“Hehe. Since they are likely to grow so fast, I won’t be able to carry them for long.”

Rienna said as she patted Fal on the head.

“That’s true. Still, while Mel was like that too, being able to fly on the first day… Oh.”

Ril and Mel had also just finished eating, and they came running to my arms.

“You two were a great help back there.”

They were back to being a puppy and little bird, and I patted their heads.

Rienna also praised them.

“Yes, you two were so helpful. But I didn’t realize you were able to transform already.”

“I was shocked too. They must be very passionate about studying.”

I scratched Ril and Mel’s heads, and they made gestures that suggested they were embarrassed.

Just then, the wyverns started to jump out from behind us.

They were flying around Rienna and the other monsters, who they now recognized as their parents.

Rienna picked up one of the wyverns and said,

“These littles ones too. Hehe. I look forward to seeing them grow.”

“Ah, that’s right… Ril and Mel. Can you help take care of Fal and the others for a while? You could tell them what they can’t eat, or where they shouldn’t go. That would be really helpful.”

They beat their chests with their paws and wings as if to say that I could count on them.

And so with that settled, I set off once again to the underground city.

Once I reached the lowest level through the railroad, I found that the usual team was waiting for me.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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