Cave King – 184

Chapter 184 – Deployed!

Three days passed after Sheorl and Arancia began their partnership.

In the meantime, Sheorl continued to expand their mushroom farms and the manufacturing of the Mado Armors.
We had also caught enough fish to send to Arancia, and their transportation was going smoothly.

Alyssa had come to see us, and I was currently talking to her about the future.

As we looked up at the giant Mado Armor in front of the palace, I said to her,

“About the Mado Armor that is to be sent to Arancia. We are currently sending over the parts that were manufactured in Sheorl. They will then construct it over there. According to Mappa, it would be difficult to manufacture them without the equipment we have in Sheorl…”
“We are already more than grateful. And you even took some of my people as apprentices.”

As Alyssa said, a dozen or so of the Arancia people had become apprentices at Mappa’s workshop.

At first, they had been afraid that the fearsome-looking Mappa would be a harsh instructor, but Mappa never raised his voice.

With gestures and poses, he would instruct the Arancia people and teach them in the ways of smithing.

“If they learn the necessary skills, it will be easier to build the Mado Armors in Arancia…the only problem is the materials.”

The manufacturing of Mado Armor required Magic Absorption Crystals. The outer shell could be iron, but if you cared about durability, then Hihiirokane—or at the very least, Orichalcum or Mithril would be preferable.

Up until now, we had been able to acquire such metals by breaking apart various man-made objects.
In other words, we had not found any natural mining spots.

And while we had a decent amount in storage, it might be a good idea to start searching for ore deposits.

It was possible that we might find some between Sheorl and the Elto continent. Or I could ask Shiel and search for one close by. We could even have them search around Arancia.
The dwarves had built a city close to Arancia, so there must be a place where you could mine rare metals.

Alyssa turned to me.

“If we can secure the materials as well, then you must let us repay you.”
“Thank you. It would definitely help if you can search the area once things have settled down. Also, while this might be in the far future…we might be able to get back the nature that Arancia lost.”
“Na-nature? Hahaha. Oh, Lord Heal. you must be joking.

Alyssa smiled. But then she asked me with sweat dripping from her forehead,

“…can you really do it?”
“Aye. There is a continent known as the Elto continent, and apparently, there are mountains of Evergreen Stones buried there. With those, we should be able to revive all the green plants… Of course, bringing plant life back on the Elto continent will be the first priority, but I’ll ask if they can share some with us.”
“Th-thank you. Of course, we intend to give you something of equal worth.”

I nodded to Alyssa and then the Mado Armors that had been at sea all returned and arrived at the plaza.
There were ten in all. And then someone descended from one of them. It was Guardian Vanessa.

“Your Highness. So you were visiting.”
“Uh, yes. Still, what unusual clothes you are wearing.”

Alyssa looked a little taken aback after seeing how Vanessa was dressed.

It was no surprise. She was wearing a bodysuit. However, unlike the original one, this one had pieces of armor that covered your joints and more delicate parts, which made it less immodest.

As these clothes made movement very easy, I decided to call them ‘suits,’ just like the clothes that Sanfaris farmers wore.

Vanessa replied without a shred of embarrassment.

“These suits are very comfortable! I think I prefer them to my regular clothes now!”

As they were made from the webs of Taran and the Cave Spiders, they were also very comfortable to wear.

Not that I wanted to wear them…

However, the resident monsters of the island were not particularly selective about clothes to begin with, and so they did not appear to be self-conscious about the suits.
Not only Haines and Erevan, but the other monsters practically fought to be the next one to ride the Mado Armors.

It wasn’t just that they looked amazing. They were amused by the fact that they would be able to use magic if they put on the armor.

Even Taran, who offered her webs, had a suit made just for her. As great as Mappa was, it took longer for him to make armor that was in the shape of a spider. On the other hand, it barely took him thirty minutes to produce one for a slime.

Vanessa looked at Alyssa, who had turned a little red.

“It was indeed a little embarrassing at first, but you get used to it. Why don’t you try it on, Your Highness?”
“I-I would rather not. The armor does interest me…but not that much.”

It was the fact that your physique was somewhat accentuated… I felt the same.

And so I said to Alyssa,

“Well, I think there’s room for adjustments when it comes to the clothing. It’s not as if the armor is strictly the same shape as the rider, so I think there should be some freedom with the clothes as well.”

There were Goblins who rode human-shaped Mado Armors, after all.

Suddenly, a high-pitched voice echoed from behind me.

“Hmmm. And yet Lord Heal never rides the Mado Armors. He doesn’t wear the suit either.”

When I turned around, I saw Fule—who was wearing the suit.

“Hey! I wasn’t sure at first, but then I really wanted to ride it.”
“I-I see. Yes, it is quite fun to ride such a giant machine.”

I answered while looking away.

Fule was her usual cheerful self… Only instead of the working clothes, apron or dress that she wore every day, she was wearing a tight suit.

Perhaps it was because I was more familiar with her than Vanessa, but it felt awkward.

As if to tease me, Fule looked into my face with a smirk.

“Ohh? Why are you turning red, Lord Heal?”
“N-nothing… It’s rather hot today.”

I muttered. Then Alyssa opened her mouth with a serious expression.

“Now that you say so, it is rather hot, isn’t it?”
“Lady Alyssa, you are very kind to go along with Lord Heal… But then again, he isn’t the only one who has turned red.”

Fule said as she turned around to face a beautiful girl with long black hair—it was Rienna.

She was looking at me with a bashful expression.

“You too, Rienna?”
“I suggested it to her. After all, you and Rienna are the island’s best magic users, right?”
“I-I suppose… But…Rienna and I don’t need the suits.”
“Too good for them, are you? But isn’t it even easier to control the armor if you wear them?”

Fule seemed to be suggesting that we would be weaker if we fought without them.
And I couldn’t argue against it… Indeed, we were not too good for them.

“…I’ll have one made for me then.”
“Well, I’m sure Mappa will do it. But you must take me with you, Lord Heal! I want you to teach me how to ride them.”
“It’s not so complicated that you need a teacher. Besides, I think that Erevan could…”
“I don’t want to be in such a small space with my father. It will be so stuffy and uncomfortable! Besides, father’s armor is…”

Fule’s eyes turned to a Mado Armor that glistened with bulging muscles. It looked like Erevan, if he was wearing a heavy breastplate and helmet. There was no doubt about it. It was Erevan’s Mado Armor.

“Ugh… I feel suffocated just looking at it.”

Fule said as she wiped sweat from her forehead.

There was also a Kobold Mado Armor next to Erevan’s, which probably belonged to Ashton and Haines. This one had an angular design, and was much more stylish. And just like the brothers it was modeled after, it looked fast.

“Why don’t you ask the brothers?”
“They are in Arancia now. I think they are training the soldiers over there. So, you really must help me, Lord Heal.”

Fule reached out her arms towards me with a pleading expression.

“Fi-fine… But can it be another day? I don’t know…it’s just so hot and… Huh?”

Aside from the abnormal heat, I noticed a wave of magic energy coming from the north.

“This…is bad! Something is coming! Ring the bell!”

As I shouted, a Goblin watcher who was standing by struck the alarm bell. After that, other bells began to ring all over the town.

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  1. Got to admit, something is happening or coming whenever the situation is getting too hot for Heal. Not a bad move, me thinks.
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  3. This isn’t kingdom building he is making the dumbest moves….you give away mado armor for free basically your promising them evergreen stones that arent even yours and the country its on needs them like come one he’s basically setting up the country for someone to come and takeover….he’s too much of a pacifist

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