Two Saints – 104

What the Bonfire Iluminates


And so Aeris took Maki and Chiharu towards the airship. On the way, they saw many birdfolk in the castle garden. They were carrying the children up into the sky as concerned adults watched. They could see Kilian as well.

“Ah, wait a minute!”

Maki said suddenly. Then she ran to the closest bird person.

“Ahh. Now that she’s getting involved with them, our trip shall be delayed.”

Aeris muttered a little bitterly.

Just as expected, Maki was quickly surrounded by the birdfolk. After a while, some of them took off into the sky and then returned a few minutes later. They were holding something that was small and folded. Maki took a few merfolk scales out of her pouch and handed it to them. It looked like she was trading.

“Oh, they are actually being reserved. I’ve never seen a reserved bird person before. They took the scales when Maki showed them in the light. Those scales really are pretty, you know? I knew birdfolk would like shiny things!”

Chiharu sounded quite impressed. While crows liked sparkly things, not all birds did. Edwy chuckled as he listened to her. While Chiharu didn’t seem to realize it, she was being rather rude. But then again, Sauro and Saikania would not have been bothered at all if they heard her.

“Ah, she’s coming back.”

Maki jogged back on light feet.

“Okay, let’s go.”

As it was past midday and they were a small group, they were able to reach the airport without attracting much attention.

Chiharu stared at the square ship. It was hard to believe that it had only been a few days ago that she was surprised by how strange it looked, before stepping inside.

However, it is all finished. Now they were beginning a journey that would take them to the elf lands.

“We must catch up with the advance team so we can go to the dungeon. I’m sure Kaider is happy to swing his sword, but Grudo is not very active, and I’m sure Nyran is having a difficult time.”

Edwy muttered as he too looked at the ship.

“Ye-yes. Kaiser and Nyan. Hmm.”

Chiharu frantically looked towards Maki. Maki looked a little tired. She must have forgotten. When she looked up, Aaron was looking at her with an exasperated expression. They couldn’t help it. These past few days had been very hard.

“Well, it’s over now. We have to switch gears and keep moving.”

This was said by Maki. Huh? How did she sound so cool?

“I think that’s what Kaider would say. Now, Chiharu. We decided to rest, so let’s rest tomorrow. And then we can work hard after that.”


She was just copying Kaider. Yes, those guys were never depressed, and they wouldn’t blame them for acting. If they did say anything, it would likely be about how they drank in secret or how they snuck out or how she dropped the orange. And so she just needed to keep that information from them. Chiharu looked up.

“Okay, let’s go!”

“That’s the spirit!”

“What are you doing? We’re leaving.”

Aeris called. And so the four of them got onto the airship.

They would travel by airship on the same route that they had traveled by ship previously. Chiharu looked at the town of Bakka, which was growing farther away.

“I think it was this area where the birdfolk carried us.”

She said.

“Let me see. Yes, it was around here. Ah.”

Just as Aaron moved next to Chiharu and looked out of the window, the airship began to shake. And their vision was filled with white and brown feathers.

“Damn it. I can’t see anything. They really are troublesome.”

It seemed like some of the birdfolk from the castle had come to see them off. Whenever their eyes met through the glass, they would wave. But after a while, they got bored and flew back to the castle.

For the next three hours, Aeris and Edwy took turns piloting the airship.

“Look up ahead. We’ll be able to see the elf lands soon.”

Aeris said from the pilot’s seat. When they looked, they could indeed see the shadow of the land.

“Now look down.”

And when they did, they saw that there was a small island with a forest in the center. The side that was owned by humans was just sharp cliffs, but the elf side was a white beach.

“An island!”

“An island!”

“This is where we will stay tonight. It’s very close to the elf lands, so we can leave tomorrow in the afternoon. You can rest until then.”

Aeris looked at Maki and Chiharu with a worried expression.

“This is an uninhabited island. So you will have to sleep in the airship and we won’t be able to eat anything fancy.”

“An uninhabited island! Amazing!”

Maki was overjoyed and Chiharu was grinning. If he was being honest, Aeris was afraid that they wouldn’t want to stay at an island like this. And was prepared to fly to a health resort that was by the shore of the elf lands. But seeing their reaction now, he was quite happy he had brought them here.

He then carefully landed the airship on the beach. As there was no port, he had to search for a place that was flat. Maki and Chiharu were so excited that they nearly flew out, but Edwy stopped them. Aaron was to go out first and make sure that it was really safe.

“Hmm. It’s fine.”

“Is there something dangerous here?”

Aaron put his hand behind his head and looked a little troubled.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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