Cave King – 113

Chapter 113 – I was called ‘father’!!


“Hmm…huh? Ril?”

When I woke up, Ril was in front of me.

It was hard to tell as I was inside of my room in the cave, but given how quiet it was in the corridors, there was likely still some time before morning.

“What are you doing here at this hour?”

Ril was pointing outside and trying to tell me something.

She would occasionally shiver and then spread her arms wide and bark… Hmm, it was hard to understand. Besides, she was distractingly cute.

“In any case, I guess something happened. Alright, let’s go then.”

I followed after Ril and left the cave. Shiel and Number 15 came as well.

As I expected, it was still dark outside. But I could see the glow of the sunrise in the distance, so it was just before the break of dawn.

What could have happened at a time like this?

It was with such thoughts that I hurried to the base of the World Tree.

Ril entered a small house that was made of stone.

This house…

When I went inside, I saw that Rienna and Mel were inside.

“Morning, Rienna. Ah, I see…”

In front of them, was the dragon eggs that we had previously bought from an Earth Dragon merchant.

This house was kept warm in order for the eggs to hatch.

There was a fire burning inside at all times.

So Ril had been trying to tell me that the eggs were shaking. In other words, the dragons were about to hatch.

“Good morning, Lord Heal. I’m sorry to have awakened you so early in the morning.”

“No, thanks for calling me. I’ve really been looking forward to this day.”

There were thirty-one eggs in all.

One was a Fire Dragon egg.

And the other thirty were wyverns.

On closer inspection, I saw that all of them were moving.

It seemed like they could hatch at any moment.

Among them, the Fire Dragon egg was the largest, and was moving the most.

After we watched it for a while, a crack suddenly appeared in the shell.

It quickly began to spread…and then it cracked open.



There was a red dragon inside.

Even though it was small, it was very easy to tell that it was a dragon.

However, in spite of its strong-looking eyes, it was shaking like a leaf.

And so Rienna picked up the scared dragon.

“There, there. Don’t worry.”

Rienna held the dragon close to her chest.

However, it still looked like it was frightened.

Then Rienna tried showing me the dragon, but it would keep hiding its face.

This one was very different from Ril and Mel. Perhaps it was more shy.

Then Ril and Mel looked at each other and nodded.

They closed their eyes tightly and put their hands together.

“What are you two doing? …Huh?”

Suddenly, a light enveloped Ril and Mel.

“What is this light!?”

I could detect the magic. They were trying to use some kind of spell.

The light quickly died away.

And what was there…


There were now two little dragons there. They looked just like the one that had hatched a moment ago.

“Ril and Mel?”

I asked, and the two dragons nodded. So it was them after all.

“You didn’t use the Ryukin, right?”

I asked, and they shook their heads.

Then they pointed at Shiel.

“Could it be…the book you found. So Shiel has been teaching you transformation magic.”

The two nodded eagerly.

“That’s amazing… You both look like real dragons.”

The two dragons looked at me bashfully and then they headed towards Rienna.

Apparently, they were going to try and comfort the newborn dragon.

At first, the dragon looked suspicious at these two that resembled it so much.

However, it quickly let down its guard, and extended its arms towards them.

Perhaps it really had been worried about there being none of its own kind around.

After that, the dragon dozed off to sleep.

“Thank you. Both of you.”

Rienna praised Ril and Mel.

And then she turned to me.

“What will you name it?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Hatching from an egg in a foreign land, this little dragon was terrified. Then again, this means it was born with some self-awareness.

  2. I enjoy this series but it has a major problem. The naming in this novel sucks. I get confused on who is who because they are all so similar. Fi, Fil Fal, Ro, Really come on now. They have a perfectly good name then change it to a two or three letter word

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