Cave King – 113


“Name? Oh, right… Do you have any ideas?”

“Let me see… It’s a Fire Dragon, so what about Fal?”

“Oh, that sounds like a sibling of Ril and Mel. I think that’s great, Fal.”

I said, and then the Advisor’s voice echoed in my head.

<<Naming complete. You have tamed Fal.>>

Apparently, dragons were categorized as monsters as well.

“So from today on, this little one is Fal! Ah…”

Rienna’s eyes dropped to the other eggs.

Cracks were appearing in the shells one after another.

By the looks of it, the wyverns would also be hatching very soon.

“I won’t be able to deal with them all by myself. Number 15, can you call the others from the kitchen?”

Number 15 was in its usual form.

It bowed deeply and then ran off to the kitchen.

“Ah, I’ll help you too!”

“L-lord Heal… Well, if you could just take Little Fal for now.”

“Uh, sure. Leave it to me.”

And so Rienna entrusted the dragon to me, and I tried carrying it.

It was quite heavy. More than twice as heavy as Ril and Mel.

And I heard that they grew quickly. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before it was bigger than me and even Taran.

As I thought such things, Ril and Mel closed their eyes again.

And then they used the transformation magic.

“Thi-this time…you’re human?”

What I saw in front of me, were small children.

One was a little girl with short white hair. And the other was a girl with long silver hair.

The one with short hair had dog ears coming out of her head.

The one with long silver hair had fluffy white wings.

They were both wearing white clothes, similar to Rienna’s.

Then the one with short hair said,

“Huh? But you still have wings, Mel?”

“Really? …Oh, I do. And you still have ears, Ril!”

“Huh? I practiced so much…”

Apparently, the one with short hair was Ril.

And the one with silver hair was Mel…

“Uh, umm… You really are Ril and Mel then?”

“Yes, father! Ehehe. Isn’t this amazing?”

Said Ril. Both her and Mel smiled smugly as they put their hands on their hips.

Fa-father… Since when was I father?

Well, perhaps it wasn’t a stretch for Ril and Mel to see me that way.

In any case, this was my first time hearing them talk, and it was quite strange.

However, there was suddenly a popping noise and a familiar, fluffy white tail appeared behind Ril.

In the next instant, a tail appeared behind Mel as well.

“Ah, Ril…your tail…”

“Yours is out too, Mel…oh, it didn’t work.”

Their shoulders dropped.

I could hear them muttering about how they wanted to impress me.

“Well, now. You two. You did your best. Right, Shiel?”

I turned to Shiel and she nodded vigorously.

Then she pulled the two by the sleeves and made them turn their attention to the wyverns that were about to hatch.

“That’s right. We have to help mother! Mel, let’s do our best!”

“Okay, Ril!”

The two had turned into humans so that they could help comfort the babies.

Indeed, they would not be able to hold the wyverns in their original form.

Still, Ril and Mel were not familiar with holding dragon babies, and so they looked a little awkward as they picked them up.

However, the wyverns seemed to be very curious about their tails, and so they started using them to pet the wyverns.

“…It hasn’t even been a year since they were born, but they can already use magic. Huh?”

I noticed that someone was looking up at me from my chest.

It was Fal, who was teary-eyed.

“Ah, I’m sorry! There, there, Fal!”

I was also not used to this, but did my best to take care of Fal after that.

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  1. Mother? Ohohoho. Hurry up and arrange a wedding ceremony already Heal. An Empire needs a empress to make it a complete set after all.

  2. Quite mature for their less than 1 year old age, and most likely both are girls (just to make sure, I’m talking about Mel and Ril). I think Fal can feel how much magic power Heal has and it’s really terrified by that (using ‘it’ here since I’m not sure of the gender, but might be female again, since JP novel). And finally, I think we all want some pictures with the two toddler sized Mel and Ril in dragon and human-ish form.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. I feel like everyone skipped over the fact that this was mel’s and ril’s first time speaking “english”, quotes cause its an other world

  4. Heal is now the Father of Dragons.

    His two asshole brothers are screwed by the time they reach the island. They’re gonna encounter an army of dragons and wyverns and they said that they grow fast.

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