Cave King – 102

Chapter 102 – We decided to increase our numbers!!


“Our defenses on land are more than enough. We should have no problem fighting back against the enemy.”

Ashton declared to those around the table with a face full of confidence.

“We have more ships now, and they should look quite impressive from afar.”

Kamyu said without hesitation.

“Chief! They are right! Leave the fighting to us! I have a feeling they will just run away before we can even fight!”

Erevan said proudly.

And then Baris turned to me.

“Indeed, our fighting force has increased greatly… Still, I don’t really know the full power of Sanfaris’s navy. But you know them quite well, Your Majesty. How large is the difference?”

“I think we…no, we can overwhelm them.”

As the others said, this island had incredible defenses now.

We had a disciplined defense team, and aquatic Golems.

There was also the Mappa Golem, stone towers and walls. Even visually, we looked to have very strong defenses.

Even the royal navy would think twice before attacking us.

As the others all muttered with awe, the octopus on the table, Aries, spoke.

“I see… So we have the superior force. I had been expecting to suppress a great army in spite of a great disadvantage…”

“Hey, hey. What is it with this octopus… She calls herself a great strategist…uh…what’s her name? Ari…something like that.”

Erevan said, and Aries’s voice became angry.

“The great strategist Aries! And I am not an octopus! How many times must I tell you!”

“Yes, yes… Still, a strategist? If that’s what you are, don’t you have any good ideas? You’ve done nothing but listen up until now.”

“Ah, I have only just joined and you already beg for my opinion, eh? I had thought you were a ruffian, but you are at least not completely foolish. Yes, you did good to ask me.”

“Well I, I supposed.”

Somehow, Erevan seemed a little pleased as he folded his arms.

Fule looked at her father with an exasperated expression.

“Father, you’re so easy… Oh, well. So what’s your suggestion, Aries?”

“Indeed… If we have the military advantage, we should ensure that we also have an advantage when it comes to negotiating.”

“Negotiating? What do you mean?”

“Ye-yes… Well…”

Aries trailed off.

I thought she meant that we needed something to surprise Sanfaris during negotiations.

“Surprise them… Do you mean like showing them a mountain of gold?”

Asked Haines.

Send the king gold in exchange for allowing us to self-govern. Or bribe the inspectors and tax collectors… I suppose those were possibilities.

However, there was also a problem.

Perhaps she was of the same opinion, because Rienna opened her mouth.

“You mean trading precious metals and stones… I think doing that would only strengthen their greed.”

“Yes… If we do give them money, it should only be a small amount. I’ve said it before, but the riches of this island have the potential to massively impact the economy of the continent.”

Besides, it won’t just be Sanfari that will react when they find out about the gold. Other ambitious countries might also come and attempt to take our land.

The cave and the gold should be kept secret.

Then Fule said,

“Well, we haven’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t feel right to give them something. Also…why don’t we just use Aries’s poison to make them do what we say?”

“…Ah! Indeed!”

Aries looked as if this idea had not even crossed her mind.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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