Jack of all Trades – 307

The Frontline and the Village


The sounds of roasting meat. Lively talk and laughter.

It was not what you might expect to hear on the frontlines. Well, the reason for all of it was me, I suppose.

Adlus had all of the Adventurers gather around and we shared the supplies. Today was special, and Adlus declared that we’d have a barbecue. Some of the boxes had wine in them, and so we enjoyed ourselves as the guards who were on watch duty glared angrily.

Daniela’s barrier also meant that the smell did not leak from the area. The unlucky few who were excluded from the party had to stand on the wall and kick the snow.

“Sorry that you have to stay out here in time like this.”

“Mister Asagi… No, it’s part of the job.”

“Well, don’t get too sulky. Eat this. I cooked it myself.”

“…It looks pretty good.”

“It doesn’t look good, it is good.”

I went around like the good and considerate host that I was. And before I knew it, the sun had set. It had been a while since we had been able to get drunk. Those who could, went and collapsed in their tents, while others took turns guarding the walls. As for me, I activated Legs of the God Wolf and headed off to Namila Village. I couldn’t help but be worried. And so I decided to check up on them and then come straight back.

  □   □   □   □

I had regained most of my strength. Maybe I wasn’t back completely, but as long as I maintained a normal speed, I could fly for a long time without really getting tired. And so it didn’t take me too long to reach Namila Village.

The chief’s house was a little towards the back of the main square. I could see a dim light pouring from the windows. It was likely candles.

When I got closer to the house, I saw footprints on the snow. They came from the forest and went around the house once before going inside. Marcel and Silket. There were also soft voices and laughter coming from inside. They seemed to be getting on well.

And so I let out a whistle. The voices suddenly stopped and the door opened slowly.

“Good evening. I came to check up on you.”

“Mister Asagi!”

It was Silket who opened the door. Marcel was right behind her and holding a sword.

When I peeked in, Felz was sitting behind a chair and wrapped in a blanket.

“Oh, it’s Mister Asagi.”

“Hey. I hope you were behaving yourself.”


I tapped my shoes on the ground, shaking off the snow, before stepping inside. Marcel let out a sigh of relief as she sheathed her weapon.

“You gave me a fright!”

“Sorry. I kind of did come without a warning.”

“Exactly. But I suppose you were concerned about us. Thank you.”

Silket said with a smile.

“Well, I feel indebted to you. See?”


“That looks delicious!”

I opened the hollow bag and took out the grilled meat, vegetables and fish. Of course, they were from tonight’s barbecue. I had brought some with me to show my appreciation to them.

“This is from the stuff your father prepared. I cooked it myself. There’s a lot, so eat up.”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Felz and Marcel jumped on the meat. Silket looked a little started.

“Uh, thank you. You really didn’t have to…”

“It’s fine. Like I said, it’s thanks to you. I’ll be watching outside, so you can take it easy and enjoy the food.”

“Thank you. I suppose I will.”

I nodded and Silket headed to the table. After seeing her go, I went to the door and stepped outside. It was a clear, cloudless sky. There wasn’t even any wind. Just a comfortable chill.

It was on such nights that goblins might lurk in the shadows. They might gather into a gang and attack this village once again. They would kill everyone. No. I wouldn’t let such a thing happen. Never.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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