Jack of all Trades – 307



I sighed and then concentrated, spreading out Presence Detection. Like a crape, it spread out thin and wide.

Through the snowy fields and the forests.

As I was spreading it out so thin, I could not differentiate monsters from animals or people. I only knew if something was there.


I inhaled the cold air through my nostrils. It did wonders for waking up your brain.

“…I guess that’s it.”

After searching for a while, I was unable to find anything suspicious. At least for now, there was nothing in this area. That was a great relief.

On such a cold night, the animals were all in their holes and the goblins were far away. Any that might be on the surface had been killed by the Adventurers…

Besides, things were looking bad in the abandoned city. I doubted they’d be sending goblins out during this time.

“Mister Asagi?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“We finished eating all the food… Is something wrong?”

I hadn’t even noticed Silket opening the door. She was now looking at me with a curious expression.

“No, it’s nothing. There’s nothing around here. So it should be fine for a while, don’t worry.”

“You’re sure doing a lot for us.”

“It’s really nothing. I should be thanking you.”

I chuckled. And it was true.

“Oh, here’s some more food. I’ll leave it for you. Take good care of him.”

“Of course. It pains me that we can’t be out with the others during the battle. But rest assured that we will be fine.”

“Yes, I’m counting on you. Well, good night.”

I left a box with them and returned to the frontline. I was thinking about returning to the abandoned city tomorrow. I wanted to end this battle soon… In fact, if I could launch an ambush, I would do it right away.

For Felz, and the village, and the citizens of the city. And even for the Queen’s Knight Goblin who died.

I wanted to end the goblin stampede.

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