Jack of all Trades – 308

The Night Before the Battle


That night, we prepared a last supper. Me and Manager and even Daniela. A few Jades who knew how to cook helped us as well. 

And once everyone carried their bowls of food, Adlus stood up. We all knew what he was going to say, but we fell silent and listened to the report all the same.

“I’m sure you’ve all heard the news. Tomorrow, we will attack the abandoned city. The number of goblin scouts who roam the outside perimeter is dwindling. We can assume that things are worsening for them in the city.”

Steam rose in the air, as well as the appetizing scent of spices. I could feel it, and so could Daniela.

“It’s not the best thing to bring up around such a splendid meal, but these goblins have continued to eat each other. This means their numbers are declining. That should make things easier for us. But don’t let your guard down. This is a place where the light won’t reach. There will be many obstacles underground. Even your comrades might be an obstacle. And so we must select who will go down there, and who will not.”

Damn, this was getting very long… Daniela was already disassociating. Her eyes were fixed on the meat in front of her.

“First, is Asagi. This plan works because of his presence. Next, is Rindo. Her magic shows its true worth in the darkness. And then we have Daniela. Her magic is in a league of its own. You three will be leading the group that I select. Of course, if things get too dangerous the rest will fight…”

Adlus began to announce the names of the Jades who would be going. With every name he called, the colder our dinner became.

“Daniela, not yet.”

“I cannot wait…”

“He’s almost finished…”

“I might die before then…”

Her face was getting closer to the meat. She seemed like she would starve to death at any moment now.

“…It is these twenty that will be descending into the abandoned city. The rest will stay on the surface in order to take out the goblins who try to escape. Obviously we will try our best to avoid them from getting out, but this is a necessary precaution. You may not have a lot to do, but I ask that you stay vigilant.”

As Daniela approached her limit, I scanned the scene. The others were also fixed on their food.

“…I’m sorry to have to speak for so long, but this is all very important. If you would continue to lend me your ears…”

At that, the Jades all raised their heads. I looked up at him as well. Not Daniela, though.

Adlus looked at all of us and sighed.

“I am truly sorry that the food you made for us is getting cold… Well, I’ve told you the most important part. If you have any questions, you can ask me later. Now, let’s eat.”


Daniela practically shouted as she picked up her knife. The Jades also nodded and began to eat.

Adlus sighed again and sat down. But no one was paying any attention to him.

Giving a speech before a meal was the worst thing a person could do. What did he expect?

Still, this was a group of brilliant Adventurers, and everyone knew what their role was. A few did walk up to Adlus later with their questions. There was something comforting about being in such good company. Such were my thoughts as I picked up my bag and headed off to Namila Village.

  □   □   □   □

I whistled and the door opened.

“Mister Asagi. Good evening.”

“Hey, Silket. Are the others inside?”

“Yes. We’re having dinner.”

“Ah, so I was too late then.”


The chief’s house in Namila Village. It was here that Silket and Marcel were staying as they protected the chief’s son, Felz. I had brought food for them, but due to the feast, I was a little late in arriving. As I was one of the people that would be leading a team, I couldn’t slip out too early.

“Oh, it’s Mister Asagi.”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. I mean he’s got a point. Save the speeches for when you’re actually about to start the mission. Not when you’re about to eat.

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