Jack of all Trades – 356

The Reason and the Solution

Pochi’s words echoed in my head.

A monster. What did that mean? What about Daniela? Was it because I was from another world? What should I do? What will happen to her? I’m scared. Damn it. But perhaps it was to be expected. I was the thrall of the God Wolf…


Someone patted my shoulder gently, and I shuddered.

“Daniela. I…”
“Do not worry. You are human.”

She stared into my eyes while talking, as if willing me to understand. Her words sunk in and I felt warm again.

“It is fine. You are you.”

I hugged her and was so happy when she hugged me back.

When I felt better again, I turned back to Pochi.

“Sorry about that.”
“No, I shouldn’t have alarmed you like that. I’m sorry.”

Pochi put the fur on the ground and bowed his heads.

“What I wanted to say, was the power of the wolf that was born inside of you, is growing stronger.”
“Power of the wolf… The God Wolf?”
“Yes. Have you been overusing it recently?”

I thought back and then it hit me.

“The last time I fought a really strong enemy, my eyes hurt terribly and…”
“I knew it… I believe that it’s starting to exceed the limits of a skill and manifest itself as the power of a monster. Well, that is one reason.”
“Another is…my own carelessness.”

Pochi said sadly. Did he do something to me…

“You gained a connection with me, did you not? That caused the power of the wolf that is inside of you to shift this way.”

Now I understand. The power of the Cerberus caused the shift. Yes, it had felt very odd. My skills were harder to control. They were running wild.

“Yes, I did feel a change… I think. But it’s not your fault. And I don’t regret it.”

I said. Pochi laughed.

“Thank you… It eases my mind to hear you say that.”

Yes, yes. I nodded. I had made a good friend, and I wasn’t going to regret that. Even if it was one of the reasons for this change within me.

“Another reason is the dragon armor and clothes you are wearing. It is hindering the power.”
“Is that why you want me to wear that fur?”
“Yes. The power is running wild in an attempt to fight against the dragon’s power. Wearing the skin of my parents will make the flow of power smoother.”

I looked at the fur again. Pochi’s parents…?

“We arrived in this land some time after my brother’s death. It had plenty of magic and food. We lived without any worry for a while. However, they eventually died of old age. I was afraid of being alone. And so I kept their fur. So something would remain before they returned to the earth.”
“I see…it must have been hard.”
“That’s life. And everything is passed on.”

Pochi pushed the fur towards me.

“Please take them. They will help ease the condition of your body.”
“Thank you, Pochi. But are you sure? It must be very important to you.”
“It’s fine. I want them to go with you. …And my brother as well.”

Pochi said as he turned his back to me. Orthros was strapped to his back.

“My skill and my parent’s skin. And my brother. You will be traveling with my family, Asagi.”
“Sounds a little crowded.”
“Aye, they will not be lonely now. We like to live in packs. I want them to live on through you.”

I gently held it to my chest. It was so warm. Like it was filled with affection towards Pochi and Orthos. At the same time, I somehow felt that I had also been accepted.

“Thank you. We are family. Family should stick together.”
“Aye, now I have no regrets.”

I stretched out my hand and Pochi pressed his nose against it. It was an odd feeling.

“I have no skill to do anything with what remains of them. And so I ask you to take them to a capable craftsman as soon as you can.”
“I will. Thank you, Pochi.”

I pulled away and Pochi stood up. He was a magnificent and imposing beast. I burned the image into my memory.

“Well, see you again. Brother.”
“Yes, take care!”
“You too, Daniela. Take care of Asagi.”
“Aye, leave it to me. No one else is up to the task.”

That’s an exaggeration. I was very low maintenance.

Pochi nodded happily and then began to run. He moved like the wind until he vanished in the forest.

Ah, it was a good thing I had been able to talk to him in the end.

However…it was still a shock. I was turning into a monster…well, one might say I had left the category of human when I became a thrall for a God Wolf. So the possibility was always there.

“The thrall of a God Wolf…”
“He said that the power has shifted… Perhaps you better tell Rachel about this?”
“Yeah… And I need to have this skin turned into clothing. That being said, I’m curious as to what it’s like.”

And so I thrust my hand into the hollow bag and took out the appraisal glasses. Then I put them on and stared at the fur.
First, the black one. It had golden patterns here and there. Apparently, it was the father.

‘Horkew Kamuy – The skin of an abnormally evolved being.’

It was certainly not ordinary. Daniela looked at me with suspicion, but I ignored her and moved to the white fur. This one had a light silver pattern.

‘Managarmr – The skin of an abnormally evolved being.’
“This one too…”

Abnormally evolved beings were what happened when unique monsters evolved… It was likely that the rich mana in this place had triggered it. Still, I felt that it might be too much for me…


Losing her patience, Daniela began to look at them with her own glasses.

“Would this not just make matters worse?”
“I don’t know… I guess that’s another thing we’ll have to ask Rachel. I’ll ask her to make the equipment. Then she can enchant it too.”
“That sounds good.”

I’m sure I’ll get a thrall discount at least.

Ah, now that I think about it. Wearing them would mean taking off the dragon set I’ve been wearing. Daniela had also switched to a dragon set recently, but she still wore her old clothes occasionally. The clothes she wore when we first met. I liked them. Especially how they made her thighs…
No, nevermind that. But it seems like the time had come for me to change as well. Still, I hoped I wouldn’t have to wear it all of the time. …It would suck if I couldn’t wear normal clothes.

“Well, our next destination is the island that Lehaty was going to. So we will likely meet up with Rachel even if we are not rushing.”
“Now that I think about it, it is. I wonder how Lehaty is doing.”

Lehaty loved hot springs. She was currently living with Rachel, but her original destination had been this island.
She was a beastkin who was also related to wolves. There seemed to be a lot of wolves around me. The more I thought about it, the less surprising it was that I was getting closer to them.

Regardless, our next stop was the island to the west. If we continued straight from here, we would reach the cave that Arthur told us about. After that, it was the forest and then the sea. Lontos’s boat would likely carry us just fine. But if it couldn’t, then we would just go and visit Rachel. But I would prefer to get to travel by boat.

“Well, shall we go?”
“Yes, to the west!”

I said as I pointed dramatically. What awaited us there? Pain…or…?

We were off to a new frontier!

“Asagi, that side is east.”

And we’re off!

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Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. He’s certainly met a lot of legendary or mythical wolves and other dog-type beings. Rachel is a Fenrir, Lehaty is a werewolf, he killed a Loup-Garou which is French for werewolf, Pochi is a Cerberus, he has a sword made from Pochi’s brother who was an Orthrus, Pochi’s father was a Horkew Kamuy which is an Ainu wolf god and Pochi’s mother was a Managarmr which is an alternate name of the wolf Hati that is one of Fenrir’s sons and chases the moon before eating it during Ragnarok.

    Anyways I wonder if Asagi will end up turning into some type of mythical dog or wolf-type monster from all these influences. It’ll probably increase his lifespan so he can stay with Daniela.

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