Makai Hongi – 105

Chapter 105

We had traveled past the borders of Demon King Janius and Lesser Demon King Leninoth’s countries and then entered Lesser Demon King Fara’s country.

There, we caused what destruction that we could as we planned to make Fara and Leninoth’s armies clash. However, tensions had already risen to such a degree that both armies were already on the brink of war.

We were like the spark in the gunpowder storage house as we attacked Fara’s fortresses. That’s when Fara’s army was dispatched from a nearby town and we had to flee.

I had assumed that we’d make it if we headed towards Leninoth’s lands. However, after a desperate escape, what awaited us there was General Totoir and his army.

And so while the plan to make these armies fight had succeeded, we were in tatters as we returned to Melvis’s country…

“General Gorgodan died in battle!?”

I was shocked by General Farneze’s words. What had happened on the battlefield?

“The plan that you created was very good. We did succeed in separating Leninoth’s Generals. However, it was Leninoth himself that went out to face General Gorgodan’s army.”

“But, that’s…”
The king himself had gone to the frontlines?

“I myself did not expect him to come out that far. It must have been something he did on a whim. Perhaps it was because he had already lost to us twice? And so he decided to drive us back himself this time.”

On the other hand, it had not been known that I or General Farneze had secretly left the country.

And so Farneze has succeeded in entering the castle without being caught. And it was there that she encountered the Great Hihi, Mujura.

“At first I assumed that both Leninoth and Mujura were at the castle. I couldn’t believe that Leninoth would just go out to the frontlines.”

“I wouldn’t have believed it either.”

“And I was not about to take on two Lesser Demon Kings at once. Besides, Mujura would not have been easy to defeat. And so I decided to retreat.”

“That was a good decision. If the fight became drawn out, the castle soldiers would have come to his aid. And of course, if Leninoth was really there, he would also join in.”

“After leaving the castle, we took a longer route home, just to be safe. And that’s when we heard about Gorgodan’s death. While I was surprised, it made sense. And then I was sure that Leninoth had not been in the castle.”

General Farneze told me about Gogodan’s final moment.

Apparently, a great army had rushed towards them while they marched.
The two armies faced each other and glared.

Normally, they would spend time to take stock of the other, finding out what races had been gathered, etcetera.

But this time, it was different.
Leninoth’s army moved into formation and then immediately began to march forward.

“According to soldiers who survived, there were quite a few enemies that were incredibly strong.”

“His trusted guards, most likely. They would be veterans on the battlefield.”

The battle started in the morning and by midday, the balance had collapsed.
Gorgodan decreased the size of the battle line, concentrating his men towards the center, with himself in the lead.

“And that is when Leninoth appeared. His presence alone was said to overwhelm others, and the battlefield seemed to become quiet for a moment.”

“And did they duel?”

In the Demon World, throwing numerous weak soldiers at someone like that would be meaningless.

If you wanted to kill someone strong, you had to use someone who was also strong.

“Yes. It’s said that the fight between Gorgodan and Leninoth was long and brutal. However, things eventually became unfavorable towards Gorgodan. And Leninoth asked him to yield.”

“So, that’s how big the difference in power was.”

Fights with clear winners and losers were all too common in the Demon World.
And if the loser was killed every time…well, all but the strongest would survive, and there wouldn’t be many residents left.

And so it was customary for losers to become the servants of the winner, especially when the difference in power was so great.
Of course, those people might challenge them to Gekokujyo after they become stronger.

However, things rarely went that way on the battlefield.
It was either kill or be killed. But sometimes the leader of an army might ask the defeated to yield.

–Come and serve me.

Something like that.
And if they agreed, they would be comrades from that day on.

Leninoth had done this repeatedly during his expansion.

“But, if Gorgodan died…”

“He didn’t agree. He said that he wanted to fight and die as King Melvis’s servant. And the fight continued.”

And the result was his death.
Gorgodan was firm in his convictions until the end.

As for his men, they could either run or die.
Apparently, most of them ran.

They were now home, healing their wounds.

“So that’s what happened.”

“The plan succeeded… But we had bad luck.”
That was her conclusion.

“What will happen now?”

“According to what you told us, Fara and Leninoth’s army clashed? In that case, Leninoth will be quite preoccupied with the north, won’t he?”

“It’s very possible. And so…you might say it’s a good opportunity to attack once again…”
“We don’t have anyone who can fight.”

We were a small country with a small population.
If we had just a few more Generals like Farneze, then we could kill Mujura and put an end to Leninoth’s ambitions. But it was not to be.

“For now, we have to rebuild what remains of Gorgodan’s army…”
General Farneze’s voice was much sadder than usual.

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  1. Well they were only able to half accomplish their goal. They weren’t able to assassinate Leninoth and have probably made him hostile to Melvis’ country but since Golan managed to make Leninoth’s forces clash with Fara’s then it seems that that’ll keep him preoccupied since Fara is much more of a threat than Melvis.

    Uh I guess they need a new general to replace the deceased Gorgodan. I feel like they’ll make Golan the new general. Farneze had already gave him influence comparable to one before anyways.

  2. It’s good development, both coherent and surprising. In a lot of stories with a protagonist smarter than everyone else, everything always goes according to plan, regardless of the factor of chance. Golan is a hero who has outclassed the enemy with his intelligence and still fails, because no one can foresee everything.

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