Makai Hongi – 106

Chapter 106

Ten days had now passed since we returned.

And within those ten days, many good and bad things had happened.

First, the good.
While Gorgodan’s army had been smashed by Leninoth, the losses were not as great as we expected, and under the Commander’s lead, many soldiers were able to return.

Farneze and Dardaroth conferred with one another and chose a new General.
A young former Corps Commander with a burning passion for revenge.

And so the old Gorgodan army was on the brink of a rebirth.

—The new General’s name was Tulart.

He was a strapping Tall Troll.
They were a subspecies of Trolls that were now established as their own tribe.

Gorgodan’s army already had quite a few Tall Trolls enlisted, and so he would not have trouble in terms of communication.
I thought that it was a good idea for the successor of the seasoned Gorgodan to be someone on the younger side.

I had not yet met General Dardaroth, but my impression was one of admiration, due to the fact that he was willing to take on less advantageous roles during war.

And it was because of this, that Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country would still be able to survive after Gorgodan’s death.

If only it ended there. But then came the bad.
As for the wars among Lesser Demon King Lubanga and the other small countries, it seemed like they were starting to settle down.

Some might think that this meant that things would become peaceful, but it was not the case.
Four countries had been fighting on two sides, and they had begun to withdraw their troops.

As for why these four countries were fighting, it started as an attempt to have their neighbors united under a single ruler in order to resist Leninoth.

However, not only were none of the countries accomplishing this, but the attempt was costing them countless valuable soldiers.
As the countries were weakening, if it turned to all-out war, even a victory would result in a country in ruins.

It would be easy enough for Leninoth to swallow up such weakened countries.
However, it was a little late for them to realize that this fighting was meaningless.

So, what should be done?
Find an enemy on the outside. And there just happened to be such a country left.
Yes, Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.

It was most regrettable, but the chances of this country being invaded had risen greatly.

And there were rumors that the invasion from the Celestial World was not far away.
Things were starting to become very uncertain.

And then another ten days passed.
I didn’t know why, but once again, things were both good and bad.

First, the good.

Leninoth and Fara were still fighting.
Neither were willing to back down…they couldn’t.

Everyone knew that they would clash one day. But it was supposed to be farther off.
But one small-scale battle was gradually turning into something much larger.

And while they still weren’t using their entire fighting force, as long as one side did not pull back, this fight was expected to last for a long time.

One side retreating and the other side remaining.
It would mean there would be a clear victor on the battlefield.

This was a time when both sides were trying to reign supreme. Would they take such an action that would clearly be interpreted as defeat?
No, the fight would surely continue.

And so Leninoth would not be able to spare any men in order to invade us again. We would have time to catch our breath.

As for the bad…
It was something that happened far away from here.
Demon King Tralzard’s general, Miralda, had sent us a messenger.

To the west of Tralzard’s country, Nehyor and his Wild Hunt were wreaking havoc.
Apparently, there had been movement as early as when Miralda first came to visit us.

Lesser Demon King Chiril and Lesser Demon King Listoris had been defeated by Nehyor.
It seemed like quite the ridiculous upset for him to be able to kill two Lesser Demon Kings. And we became suspicious that Nehyor had been hiding his true power all along.

The countries that lost their kings were thrown into great chaos. Generals moved to take their place. The fighting increased, and then other countries became involved. Things were in a terrible state.

And Nehyor was behind it all. Fanning the flames. Every time the Wild Hunt appeared in a country, all hell would eventually break loose.

From what we knew, Nehyor’s rampage had reached four countries.
Lesser Demon King Yunus and Lesser Demon King Monin’s countries were also in utter chaos.
However, no Lesser Demon Kings in those countries had been killed.

I didn’t know what Nehyor was trying to do.
We knew he had taken Melvis’s journal, so it must be related to that. However, I couldn’t see any consistency in his actions.
I just wished someone could fill us in.

If we looked at his actions, it seemed like he just wanted to see the world fall into a vortex of confusion.
Was it a feint? Or was that his purpose?

In any case, the other countries were now strengthening their guard.
It would be a disaster if the Wild Hunt came to them in the middle of a war.

Having to consider such possibilities while creating strategies made things incredibly difficult.
I wanted Nehyor to go far away, but somehow doubted that it would happen.

In any case, I was grateful towards Miralda for sending us news of the Wild Hunt.

“…Miralda is coming to the castle?”
As I was thinking about it, I heard news that she was visiting us in person.
Not only that, but she would be coming directly to Melvis’s castle.

Rig seemed a little troubled as he told me this.

“General Farneze has also sent word that you are to once again be present during the meeting.”

I had remained in the village for a while now.
Rig was the one who was constantly traveling back and forth. He would bring back information so that I always knew what was happening. However, I felt that there would be no point in me attending.

“Still, Miralda is coming… The last time she just sent a messenger.”

“Yes. It was information about the Wild Hunt.”
“So this time, it is an even more important matter… Very well. I’ll prepare to leave at once.”

Miralda was Demon King Tralzard’s General.
Would her visit bring good news or bad news?

“…I have a bad feeling about this.”

I looked up and sighed.

“The ceiling is filthy.”

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