Cave King – 157

Chapter 157 – It Opened!

“…What is this place?”

The words poured out from my mouth and echoed around the shiny, golden space that sprawled out before us.

We had seen places that looked like shrines before.
It looked like the place we had found the Ascending Stone, and the Heart Stone that was the core of the Golems.

What was different this time, was that the walls, floor, and pillars were made of Orichalcum.

Rienna looked around her as she said,

“It’s so different…and much more shiny than the winery.”
“Yes. It almost seems too luxurious to have been made by Shiel and the others, as they were practicing moderation at the time.”

Cautiously, I stepped foot into the open space.

The Orichalcum walls and pillars were engraved with images that were lavishly decorated with precious stones. How much would all of this cost if sold in the continent? It was all so dazzlingly brilliant.

Well, perhaps such precious stones had little worth to Shiel and the others, once they were trapped underground. It was much the same for us now.

“And look at how big this gate is…what purpose could it have?”

As Rienna said, the gate in the far back was incredibly large.
It resembled a castle gate, with double doors. And as it shone with a silvery color, I assumed that it was made of Mithril.

Shiel would probably know what it was.
However, it just had to be this day that she happened to not be with us. Even Number 15 wasn’t here.

“Perhaps it connects to a different, large area. Just like the underground city… But, there is something strange about it.”

There were giant, metal chains on the ground in front of the gate. It looked like the chains used to connect a ship to its anchor. There was even a giant lock.

Were these used to seal the gate?
In that case, was there a prison on the other side?

I wanted to try opening it…there was no magic energy to be sensed behind it.
It tickled my sense of adventure, but my motto was to always put safety first.
There was still a possibility that something unthinkable would come out the moment I opened it.

“I’m very curious, but… I think we better leave it until we’ve talked to Shiel.”

I said, and Rienna nodded with a ‘yes.’

However, then we noticed that something had changed.
Behind us, near the entrance of the shrine, I was now able to sense magic energy.

If it was our friends, they would have called out to us. And yet it wasn’t moving at all. Perhaps it was only watching.

“Who’s there!?”

I turned around and asked.

And then a familiar voice echoed.

“Aww…he found us.”

It was Fule, Taran, Shiel, and Number 15. They were supposed to have gone off digging, but they were now looking at us with disappointed expressions.

“You all…followed us here?”
“But, the Princess…uh, no. We were practicing being stealthy.”

Fule said as she averted her eyes. She was clearly hiding the truth.

“You didn’t need to hide if you wanted to follow us…”
“That’s right. To spy on us like this…that was very disagreeable of you all!”

Rienna said with red, puffed up cheeks.
Why was she so embarrassed?

And so Fule attempted to console her.

“Now, now. More importantly, what an incredible place this is. Do you know this place, Shiel? Huh…? Shiel?”

Shiel was stunned as she faced the door.
It was clear that she was frantic.

“Shiel…was that supposed to stay locked?”

Shiel nodded.

“And now the seal is broken…someone opened it. And you’re saying that this is very bad?”

I asked. And Shiel nodded again.

“I see. Well, we better close it again then… Hmm?”

Suddenly, a voice rang from the other side of the gate.

It wasn’t the cry of a beast.
There were fluctuations in the pitch and inflection and it was definitely a speaking voice. I couldn’t understand it, but it sounded like multiple people were arguing.

Also, I could detect very faint amounts of magic energy.
It was clear now that someone really was behind the gate.

“Everyone. Be careful…something is coming.”

They all nodded and entered their battle stance.

After a moment, things became quiet behind the gate, and then the doors suddenly burst open.

What then jumped out, was an old man in armor and who wielded a sword, and two other humans who followed him.

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