Cave King – 158

Chapter 158 – It was connected to the outside!?


The words poured out of my mouth as I saw them come out of the gate.

On the other hand, these people that wielded weapons looked at us with surprise and raised their voices.

However, I couldn’t understand a word that they were saying. But I was sure that they were human…

In any case, I could see that this would turn into a fight if I didn’t do something first.

They showed no intention of putting away their weapons. The one with a staff looked pale-faced as she talked to the others as if trying to persuade them.

Upon hearing this, the older man gripped his sword even tighter, and then turned it towards me.

“Wait! We don’t want to fight…no, it’s times like these that I can…”

I took out one of the many stones I had found in the underground city. The Translation Stone.

It was a convenient stone that Aries had used to talk to us.
Currently, it was used so that the residents of the island could communicate with the awakened people of the old empire.

“My name is Heal! And I have no intention of fighting you.”
“What!? How can you suddenly speak our language!?”

The old man in the center shouted.
His sword remained fixed in our direction.

“This stone is translating my speech. As you can see, I am unarmed. Now please, won’t you put away that sword?”

I said. And the old man looked a little troubled.

However, the woman who held the staff raised her voice.

“His magic is immense…we cannot let our guard down.”

This woman with blue hair looked straight at me.

If she could detect my magic, she must be a sorcerer.
It was true that I had great magic energy…so I couldn’t argue against her.

That was when Rienna opened her mouth.

“Lord Heal…look beyond the gate.”
“Beyond the gate? …Huh?”

At first, it just looked dark and I thought it was a continuation of the cave.

But it wasn’t.
There was something like a flash of light. It was likely thunder in a dark sky. It was outside.

“A sky…in a place like this?”

But we were underground.
We should be below the bottom of the sea.

However, the outside world seemed to be ahead of us now.

“Shiel. What does this…what?!”

I noticed that a dragon had appeared on the other side of the gate.

It was a black dragon that was surrounded in black miasma.
Lopez after being resurrected by Oren, and the black tentacles that were stuck on Garuda, the giant bee…it had the same ominous feeling as those.
And so I immediately raised my hand at this dragon with incredible power.

The trio must have sensed something from my movements and eyes, as they suddenly turned around.

“What!? A Dragon Class!?”

The woman with the blue hair raised her staff, but it was too late.

The dragon had unleashed a cloud of black mist from the gate.

“Damn it! …!?”

The three humans braced themselves to be hit, but the black mist seemed to be stopped by glass, and it did not touch them.

These were Shields that I, Rienna and Fule had created.

“Rienna, Fule! You keep the Shields up!”

Rienna and Fule nodded as they pointed their hands up ahead.
And so I deactivated my Shield and unleashed a giants burst of flames from my hand.

Elto, the Demon King of Hellfire had taught me Hell Explosion…but since that was too strong, this was just normal Fire.

My flames didn’t lose any momentum as they slammed into the giant dragon and carried it off of its feet and into the darkness of the sky.

Fule and Rienna raised their voices.

“Ohhh! That was amazing, Lord Heal! You blew it away!”
“Perfectly executed, Lord Heal! Your Flame flies farther than it used to!”
“I guess it’s because I learned from Elto… Uh…”

The trio were looking dumbly at the sky beyond the door with their mouths agape.

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