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Rachel’s House and About the Ancient Elves

While it was a remote island, there seemed to be a lot of people in Fuscus. Perhaps they were tourists who were here for the hot spring.

“Indeed. A boat regularly arrives from Lambrusen. The wealthy like to stay here in order to escape the cold during the icesnow phase. There are many nobles from the capital city of Soul Soleil, where I work as a palace magician…”

Though Rachel added that most of the people here were retired and in hiding. Of course, there were island residents as well, but it made me a little nervous to think that there were nobles mixed in with them. I was a humble Adventurer who disliked important people.

However, once she brought it up, it wasn’t hard to make them out. After all, most of them had servants accompanying them. For instance, there was an old man who was walking with a swordsman behind him. And they were clearly not related.

I tried not to lose sight of Rachel as we pushed our way through the current of people, while taking in the sights. The red roofs were really eye-catching. It reminded me of the storage houses I had seen in a port town a long time ago. There was something whimsical about red bricks.

“We’ll make a turn into this alley.”

Rachel said. It looked like a path between two inns. There were a lot inns here, which wasn’t a surprise.

Once we were inside the alley, we could see steam rising from drains and open windows. The air was humid and quite hot. This was how far the water flowed.
Well, even if there were a lot of inns, wouldn’t the quality of the water be the same everywhere…? I suppose they would have to compete with the quality of service.

It was with much interest that I took in the sights of all the inns we would not be staying at. And when we were through, a row of even more red brick buildings lay before us. Like the others, these seemed to have a lot of windows.
And then it hit me. Was this a housing complex?

“Is this like an apartment?”
“Nothing like that… Well, maybe just a little.”
“What is that?”

Daniela was not familiar with the word. It seemed like I would often forget that when Rachel was around. I had to be more considerate.

“Uh, that’s what they call them. You know, over there.”
“Ah, I see. Perhaps these bricks allow you to build inns with so many rooms.”

No, clearly wood was being used too. But maybe they were more durable than most buildings. I was suddenly reminded of the three little piggies. Hmm, amusing. Only a God Wolf lived in this little brick house. I suppose the pigs lost after all.

We entered the building that was next to the one we first saw. This one somehow looked a little more intricate in structure. It had more angles and the entrance had a frame made with white bricks. The windows were also quite large. I wondered how much the rent was.

“Now, stop staring and come inside.”

She scolded. And so Daniela and I looked back down and rushed towards Rachel with embarrassed expressions.

□   □   □   □

We climbed up the stairs that went up along the side of the building until we reached the third floor. There were three rooms, the first being number 301. That wasn’t a lot, but I suppose it had to do with keeping the building strong.

“I live in 303.”
“I guess even God Wolves live in apartment buildings.”
“When in Rome.”

Well, she certainly seemed less intimidating now. But I suppose it was only natural for her to live here, since she was with Lehaty now. I would feel bad if Lehaty had to live deep in the mountains somewhere, just because Rachel was a God Wolf.

Rachel unlocked the door and stepped inside. I was about to follow her, but she stopped me.

“Wait a minute. I didn’t tell Lehaty that you were coming, and we have to clean up a little.”
“Uh, fine.”

This was a sudden visit, so it couldn’t be helped. Besides, Rachel could use dimension magic, so it shouldn’t take too long. The only problem was whether or not Lehaty would allow it.

She was an incredibly shy person. And though we had gotten to know her better, it had been a while…and maybe it was different when inviting someone into your love nest.

Well, such worries were uncalled for. The door swung open, and Lehaty was there to greet us.

“It’s been too long, Mister Asagi. Miss Daniela. Please come inside.”
“Hello, Lehaty. You look well.”
“Hello. Thank you for having us.’

The entrance was made in a Japanese style. When I took off my shoes, Daniela did the same.

“It was like this in Cath Palug. I will have to get used to this tradition.”
“Well, it’s not exactly common.”
“But I do find it quite relaxing to walk without shoes. So I have no complaints.”

Daniela might fit in rather well if she did ever go to Japan. …Except that would never happen.

There was a hallway right in front of us and several doors. I suppose they were the bathroom and shower. Rachel had boasted about how the natural hot spring water was drawn through the town. Was it true for this apartment as well? Maybe there was a pump. I didn’t know much about what kind of technology they had here.

Lehaty took us straight to the room in the back. And immediately after, Rachel came in with a tray and some cups.

“Well, just sit down. You’ve been quite busy recently, so you should get some rest.”
“Thank you. Since you insist…”

I sat down and took a sip. The tea was…delicious.

“I haven’t had green tea in a very long time.”
“They have black tea. I’m sure you just weren’t looking hard enough.”
“I wouldn’t say that…”

I’d been around quite a lot of markets and never saw any green tea. The culture was just too different, perhaps. And maybe past Heroes had no interest in that. Or the people didn’t care for it.

“Well, I grew these myself back in Lambrusen. So it’s not on the market.”
“Huh… You really can do anything.”
“You exagerate.”

Right… But this tea really was good. I suppose I really missed tea from home.

I glanced over to Daniela, but she was drinking it normally. It would be on the bitter side, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

“This is quite different from black tea. But I enjoy it.”
“Oh? If it is enough to be drinkable to an elf, then I know I’m doing something right. Now, drink more.”

Rachel was in a good mood now as she refilled Daniela’s cup. Lehaty was sitting in front of me and smiling at this exchange.

“What have you been doing all this time, Lehaty?”
“I’ve been living with Rachel. I keep the place clean, do the shopping, take naps, take baths. It is so much fun.”
“It’s good that you’re enjoying this place.”

She had wanted to come for a long time. And she was here with Rachel now. Daniela and I were like rootless trees. But looking at Lehaty and Rachel, it made me think that staying in one place might not be a terrible idea.

However, that would not be for a while. There were things we needed to do first.

“Yes, yes. I haven’t asked you about your reason for traveling.”
“There wasn’t any reason at all in the beginning. But there is now.”
“Aye. We are traveling in order to stop the Nova. A magic relic of the ancient elves.”
“Hmm… That’s right.”

Rachel knew about what had happened in Reserentrible. She had been there, after all.
However, we hadn’t told her about Estartosta, the underground city, or the ruin in the sea of forest, Urbesertrus.

It was in Estarosta that we learned about the key. In Urbesertrus we learned of the third key and the experiments they were conducting.

I told all of this to Rachel.

“Reincarnation…hmm…they wanted to summon a god…”
“Do gods even exist?”
“Information about the world of gods has been found in the past, in the writings of ancient elves. But there is not much to go on.”

Apparently, Rachel believed that they did.

“Did you know that the elves once ruled this world?”
“Yeah. Like a thousand years ago.”
“Indeed. And do you know why there are currently so few elves and so many humans?”
“Why…is that?”
“The elves fell because of the gods.”

Daniela stiffened.

“Is that true?”
“Aye. I’ve read about it in the forbidden texts in the palace. They are quite reliable.”

I had heard about the forbidden texts in the palace before. A man in Fhiraldo used to manage them… I didn’t expect to hear about that again here.

“Well, not completely. It was just the ancient elves.”
“What do you mean?’
“You, Daniela. Why are you and other elves here, if the ancient elves are gone?”
“Because the gods remade you, that’s why.”

The gods had killed most of the ancient elves and remade them into light elves. Those elves then spread out and created their own tribes. And as they mixed with other races, they gave birth new breeds of elves.

However, they were rejected by the light elves, who were seen as direct descendants of the ancient elves.

“…That’s how the current elves came to be. It was all recorded in a book called the ‘Origin of Elves.’ It was written by an elf who lived for six hundred years.”
“I see… I wonder if Adlus knew about that.”

The reason that he was fixated on his own kind. This pride of being an ancient elf had resulted in him looking down at the others.

“He probably did not want to tell you.”
“Lemon was with us, and she is a gray elf. Had he not made himself look terrible enough in our eyes already? And we had only just made peace.”
“…I guess.”

There was no point in talking about it now.

“…In any case, there are no more ancient elves. They got too close to the gods and were destroyed. …So, do you understand how dangerous things are now?”

I didn’t matter if it was done by some magic device. The gods would not be merciful. And the various elves that existed now might be annihilated.

That would likely include Daniela.

“The Nova have continued to connect to the world of gods. And every time they failed, they ended up summoning people from other worlds. We were trying to stop that, but things keep getting bigger…”
“There are gods. But it’s incredibly dangerous to try and summon them… Even I don’t know what would happen.”

Both Rachel and I folded our arms and groaned. Lehaty was the only one that looked puzzled.

“I don’t fully understand what is happening… But I do not want you two to disappear. You helped someone like me. You accepted me. I don’t want to lose you.”

Her hands were clenched together as if in prayer. Rachel wrapped her own around them gently.

“There’s no need for you to worry about it. I gave him the equipment I worked so hard on. And they are both strong. They won’t die so easily.”
“Rachel… Yes, you’re right. They are both capable.”

Daniela and I nodded at each other. We would fight and win.

“Well, we should eat soon. Lehaty, could you prepare it? I am quite exhausted.”
“Hehe. I know. It will only take a minute. I hope you two stay and eat with us.’

I didn’t want to intrude any further…

“Of course.”
“You’re not even going to hesitate? Well, yeah, I’ll eat too then.”
“Hehe. Just wait one moment.”

I was pretty hungry, after all. I guess I could enjoy more of this tea while we waited for Lehaty to bring the food.

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