Makai Hongi – 109

Chapter 109

So, the withdrawal of Miralda’s army was already certain.
She could not go against Demon King Tralzard’s order. There was nothing that could be done about that.

However, there would also be no point if we just said, ‘Ah, I see’ and let it end there.
If only there was an alternative… That had been my hope. And Miralda offered one. I was incredibly grateful.

“The trading of troops?”
A trade between both countries… I suppose she worded it like that, because they could not just help us without expecting something in return.
My impression was that there were quite a few very powerful soldiers in Miralda’s army. It seemed rather promising.

“That way, I can act while not overstepping my authority. And you can continue to prevent the birth of a Demon King.”

Why was Demon King Tralzard withdrawing Miralda’s army?
It was because of Nehyor.

The Wild Hunt was wreaking havoc in the west, which was causing chaos to erupt among some of the western countries.
And Lesser Demon King Yunus’s country was the only one standing strong.

Apparently, this was a very bad thing.

The west might just have a new Demon King before the east.
And so Tralzard had ordered Miralda to guard the west.

However, things weren’t exactly peaceful here either.
In fact, there was a possibility that both the east and west would give rise to Demon Kings at the same time.

This would be a nightmare scenario for Tralzard.
As for the Wild Hunt, no one knew where they were now. But he wanted Miralda to guard to the west and keep them from stirring the pot even further.

“Too many Demon Kings will likely result in a ‘great war’ of Demon Kings. We want to avoid that no matter what.”

“As for this trade. What did you have in mind?”
The problem was whether or not we could stop Leninoth after the trade.

“There are a few among my subordinates who have power that is close to a Lesser Demon King. I will lend to you one of them, along with their men. They are veterans on the battlefield and will work very hard.”

It was just as I had thought.
Now that we had lost Gorgodan, we needed someone strong more than ever before.
And Miralda was going to lend us some men in order to stop Leninoth. Of course, they would be useful.

However, General Farneze seemed to hesitate as she thought about it.
“It’s not something that I can decide on my own. But if we do trade, it will have to be with my subordinates.”

The General had not responded immediately because she had to discuss it with the other Generals. But also…what would happen if they allowed such strong troops into the country, and something happened?

She was worried that people who we thought were allies could suddenly change as soon as they were in the heart of the country.

As for me, I didn’t think we had a choice in the matter. Our country could never win against them. It was almost humorous for us to be cautious. However, perhaps such considerations were just a part of being a leader.

“I will not withdraw my troops immediately. So you will have plenty of time to talk with the others and decide.”

“Thank you. I will call the other Generals at once so we can give you an answer.”
“I’m counting on it.”

And like that, the second meeting came to an end.

We left Miralda.
General Farneze and I moved to another room and gave our opinions on what had just been discussed.

First General Farneze let out a great sigh.
“Golan. What are your thoughts on what was said?”

“I think it’s a good idea. It is not possible for us to defeat Leninoth without outside help.”
Not only that, but the four countries to the south were likely to target us next. Things were dangerous.

And since we had never been friendly with them to the point of forming an alliance, it would be much too late to attempt one now.

That being said, we couldn’t attack them either, as they had already formed alliances of their own.
We would be at a great disadvantage.

“I understand that we are in a desperate situation. But what strings might be attached to this offer?”
She was worried that we would be seen as a vassal state to Tralzard.

“Perhaps that would be a good thing? No one will attack us.”
The strength of the tiger…so to speak.

“As if we could do something so pathetic.”

I had assumed the General was capable of making political decisions, but it seemed she was a resident of Demon World after all.
We hadn’t lost a war to them, and so she did not want to appear to be subordinate.

As for me, I couldn’t care less about what other people thought.

Miralda was currently staying in the castle as a special guest.
I thought that we would now have to wait for the other Generals to arrive, but it turned out that they were already here. That was quick. But perhaps not really surprising.

“I will have to discuss it with Felicia and the other Generals first. I expect that we’ll come to a decision by tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? That’s fast. Are you sure about that?”

“There will be many details to iron out if we do make a trade. And if we refuse them, we will have to think of an alternative. So we should decide quickly. Also, there will be a banquet tonight. Be sure to attend, Golan.”

“Uhhh, a banquet?”
“We want to make a show of General Miralda’s arrival. And so we’ve been preparing since yesterday.”

She was taking advantage of the moment.

“I understand. I will attend then.”
As long as I can go in my tattered shirt and trousers.

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  1. I bet Golan will end up being the one who’ll be traded. He often gets forced to do things he doesn’t want and he has the most experience in dealing with Nehyor and even managed to chop off some of his limbs with a normal sword.

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