Cave King – 159

Chapter 159 – A Request for Aid!

The three just stood there dumbly and stared towards the gate.

The black dragon that had been there a moment ago had now vanished into the distance. It was as if they could not believe it.

Even we could not believe that this underground area had been connected to the sky…

Just then, a voice echoed inside of my head.
It was Shiel’s voice.

“Lord Heal. This is the teleportation gate that we made when we were trapped down here.”

Shiel was using a device that was near the gate in order to talk to me.

“Teleportation… Ah, so it’s like the Teleportation Stones.”

Teleportation Stones allowed you to instantly teleport to places where the stones were set. A gate of this size must be able to teleport you very far away.

“I see. So that’s why it’s connected to the outside. But then, who are they…”

Rienna asked as watched the armed trio.

There were no inhabited islands near us.
That meant they had to have come from the continent.

However, I had never heard their language before.

At the very least, they were not from the Kingdom of Sanfaris, or the Barleon continent. It would have to be somewhere more far away… A place that was at least a month’s voyage by ship.

Shiel answered as if she knew what I was thinking.

“I didn’t expect to see humans either… This gate was supposed to lead to a place that is an inversion of where we stand… In the sea.”

Inversion? I didn’t understand what she meant.

However, the place that was supposed to be a sea was now paved with stone… It looked like the top of a castle wall or tower.

I was very confused, but the three strangers were looking at us with even more confused expressions.

“Uh, umm… I suppose we should at least talk?”

I said. And the three nodded silently. They had put away their weapons now, so it was clear that they understood that we meant them no harm.

“Thank you… I’m Heal, the lord of this cave and island. Who are you?”
“Island? Cave? …Does that mean this place connected to something?”

The oldest one, who was likely the leader, pointed to the hole behind us.

Until we arrived, the gate had been the only way into this place. And since they had not been able to break the walls, they saw this place as just an empty space.

“Yes. Just a moment ago…”
“But we couldn’t even scratch those golden walls… Ah, forgive me, I am Ogus. Captain of the Royal Guard of Arancia, the Holy Country, and also the guardian of this Temple of Silence.”

Said the old man. Then the woman with blue hair who looked like a sorcerer, continued.

“And I am Vanessa. I’m also a guardian.”
“As am I! My name is Karla!”

Said a woman who wore light armor.

“Temple of Silence…this place?”
“Yes. An empty room that cannot be hurt. A temple built by the gods… However, not once have the gods ever come down here. Until today, that is.”

Ogus said as he looked towards me with serious eyes.

“Allow me to be frank. Are you all gods?”

He wasn’t mocking us. His expression was earnest.

“Unfortunately, no. We’re just ordinary humans and monsters. And this place is just a ruin made by ancient people.”
“Indeed, you do look a lot like us… However, to break through those walls…”

Vanessa nodded at Ogus’s words.

“And that magic you used earlier. That’s not something a human should be capable of. And so while you do resemble us, you must be a different kind of ‘human.’”

It was true that their magic did not compare to ours.
And that was also true for the people of Sanfaris. But the only reason for that was that we had gained immense power on this island. That was all.

However, I had never heard of this country called Arancia.
It must be some place so far away that there was no communication between them and Sanfaris… A place that was outside of the maps that I had studied. After all, I had not heard of the Elto continent either.

But more importantly, the ominous air beyond the gate was bothering me…
I doubted any crops would grow under a sky like that. Could people live in such an environment?

Besides, that dragon was clearly too strong for these three to handle. You could not live safely if monsters like that were flying through the sky.

And so I asked them.

“That dragon just now. Is it related to how the sky looks?”
“Yes…ever since the sky changed, our country and continent have been in turmoil. Black rain falls from the sky, and both man and beast go mad. And that includes those who are already dead… They now outnumber those of us who still haven’t lost our minds.”

Upon hearing Ogus’s words, I immediately thought of the tentacles that were attached to Garuda, the giant bee.
Garuda had also lost his mind and was going wild because of them.
The mist that had enveloped the tentacles had a similar feeling.

“It’s just like what happened to Garuda…”

I muttered. The trio looked at each other as if to confirm something.

Then Ogus bowed his head.

“Lord Heal…we have a request. Would it be possible for you to help us?”

It was a request for aid from a very far away place.

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The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Welp Heal just got mistaken for a god. He has very powerful magic, he came out of what those people considered a temple and broke through an unbreakable wall. Even if Heal denies it, I wouldn’t be surprised if those people think he’s just being humble and doesn’t want to scare them or wants to keep his identity a secret.

    Anyways it sounds like there aren’t many survivors left of whatever this catastrophe is. Heal may just have them immigrate to Sheorl if it turns out that whatever this catastrophe is is too big for him to resolve or handle.

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