Cave King – 160

Chapter 160 – There was a vast city!

“Would it be possible for you to help us?”

Asked Ogus, the man who had come from the gate, as he bowed his head.

His companions, Vanessa and Karla also bowed deeply.

I did want to help them… However, I was the lord of this island. I couldn’t endanger the people who lived here. And so it wasn’t something I could easily accept.

First, I turned towards Rienna and the others.

“Lord Heal. Please don’t worry about us.”

As if to agree with Rienna’s words, Fule and the others started to nod.

“Thank you, everyone. Mister Ogus… We would like to help, if there is anything that we can do. But first, can you give us a detailed explanation of what is happening?”

Upon hearing these words, Ogus and the others looked at each other and exclaimed happily, ‘Thank you!’

Then Ogus raised his head and continued.

“If you go out of this gate, you will come into the center of our city. But I think that it will be easier for you to understand if you saw it in person.”
“Very well. Then will you guide us out of the gate?”
“Of course.”

Ogus said. And then he headed for the gate.

The rest of us followed him.

I had been wondering what was behind the gate, but when I looked, there was nothing. It was just an open space. And when I moved back to the front, it was connected to the outside…hmm. It made my head hurt.

In any case, this place beyond the gate was very, very far away. And so I braced myself as I stepped through.


When we passed the gate, we found ourselves in a world that was darker than the night sky. I couldn’t see the moon or any stars. Instead, there was rain and numerous bolts of lightning that illuminated the ground.

And below, I could see countless buildings and flickering lights…it was a city. A city fortress that was surrounded in a high, white wall that was in the shape of a circle.
The rain seemed to only pour outside of the city walls, and not over the city itself.

However, when I looked past the walls, I saw pitch black shadows.

It was as if there were a black sea that stretched for eternity. And in that vast sea, floated a lone island city…

“This is astonishing… Are we on a tower?”

I moved towards the edge and looked down.

The tower was very tall.
It seemed taller than Sheorl’s World Tree.


I wasn’t good with heights.
For a moment, I started to feel dizzy, but Rienna and the others were quick to support me.

“Are you okay, Lord Heal? Still, this really is a strange sight…I can’t see any green at all.”

As Rienna said, there were no farmlands or fields of grass. And no matter how much she squinted, she could not see a single tree.

Ogus opened his mouth.

“Yes. As bad as it is now, there was still some greenery outside of these walls last year. However, the black rain finally… As you can see, the sun does not shine anywhere but here.”

Ogus said as he looked up.
You couldn’t even see the sun, but the space right above the city was relatively brighter. If it was nighttime outside of the walls, then it was a cloudy day over here.

Rienna said,

“So, you must be having food shortages then?”
“Yes. We cannot catch any fish, so the only thing we can eat is mushrooms. And we are using magic to alter the amount and quality, but… It’s not enough to feed all thirty thousand residents of this city.”
“I’ll have some food sent to you at once.”

I said, and Rienna nodded.

“Fish would be best. I’ll help the others catch some… Huh?”

Suddenly, fireballs were unleashed from the walls in front of us.

The smaller ones were likely fire arrows, while the larger ones seemed to be from a trebuchet.

As soon as they landed, they created a wall of fire.
However, it was then that a black dragon appeared on the other side of the wall. It was quite similar to the last one we saw. No, it was a bit smaller.

“This attack is on a greater scale than usual…tsk. But I think they should be able to stop it.”

Ogus had a pained expression.
It seemed like these kinds of attacks were not rare, but this one was worse than usual…

“Mister Ogus. Allow us to deal with it.”
“Re-really? But it’s too far away to go right now…”

It didn’t seem too far away because we were looking down from a great height, but if we descended from the tower and through the city…it would likely take over an hour.

“It’s fine. Taran. Can you help?”

Upon hearing this, Taran immediately lowered her body.
And so we got onto her back.

However, she could only carry me, Rienna, and Fule.
Shiel was also able to fit on. But I decided to leave Number 15 by the gate, both for protection, and also so it could report back to Baris and the others.

“Uhh…I think we can fit one more person. Will one of you come with us? It would be good to have a guide. And the people on the walls might be confused if it’s only us.”

Ogus answered me.

“Vanessa and I will go to the king and tell him of your arrival. Karla, will you be their guide?”
“Ye-yes! Excuse me!”

Karla looked nervous as she got up onto Taran.

“Let’s go then. Taran. We’re ready.”

And with that, Taran jumped off of the tower.


The floating sensation caused someone to scream…but it wasn’t me. It was Karla.

Taran was shooting out her webs one after another and swinging as she made her way through the air.

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