Cave King – 161

Chapter 161 – We went to their aid!


One of the guardians of the gate, Karla, was screaming as she rode the air-borne Taran.

“He-hey. Are you alright?”

Fule asked as she held a Translation Stone. But Karla just answered ‘I’m fine’ in a voice that suggested she was not.

I understood how she felt. I was scared too.

I would probably be screaming just as loud if I looked down…

However, I kept my eyes ahead of us.
We were so close to the castle walls now.

“We’ve arrived. Everyone, prepare for battle!”

Rienna shouted, and we all shouted, ‘aye!’

Taran landed on the wall, and we all immediately jumped off of her.

There were soldiers here, already fighting a defensive battle with arrows and trebuchets. And they looked startled to see us.

“What? Who are you!?”

And just like that, their arrows were directed at us instead.

“Ah, we just…! Um, Miss Karla. Tell them… He-hey!! Karla!?”

But Karla lay flat on the ground as Fule shook her violently.

And she would not get up.

The soldiers looked at each other and spoke excitedly.

“Ka-Karla? The guardian? B-but what does…and why is there a spider… And…now there’s a naked old man!?”
“Huh? Mappa?”

When I turned around, I saw that Mappa was moving towards us while using an iron wheel to slide down the spider’s web.

Well, this was such a strange place. And so I expected him to come…

But everyone was at a loss over what to do as the half-naked Mappa landed on the wall. I wasn’t sure what to do myself.

It was then that a voice rang from far away.

“You soldiers! Focus on the enemy!! The dragon!!”

The person who was shouting was a young woman who had long black hair tied behind her head.

But I would have expected a commander to wear heavier armor.

However, the soldiers were the same. None of the people guarding the wall were equipped with high-quality gear.

The shouting woman then unsheathed her sword and came running towards us.

She probably saw that the black dragon was approaching the area where we stood, and knew that we were in danger.

“Stand back! I’ll kill it!!”

However, this dragon’s skin was already rotten. It seemed to be undead. I doubted that a blade could cause it to feel any pain.

Just as I expected, the woman who swung her sword into the dragon was quickly knocked off her feet by a sweep of the dragon’s arm. But I managed to protect her with Shield as she flew into the air.

“Tsk! Huh? I-I’m fine?”

While she had prepared for a fall, she was surprised to see that there wasn’t a single scratch on her body.

And so I shouted at her and the other soldiers.

“We came here to help you! Rienna, Fule. Let’s go!”

I said. And then I raised my hand and unleashed fire magic at the dragon.

The dragon replied with a burst of black miasma from its own mouth.

For a moment, the two forces seemed to struggle against each other. However, this dragon was much smaller than the previous one. And it did not take long for the miasma to be erased completely.
The fire then slammed into the dragon, and it was carried away into the distance.

“Wha-what was that magic?!”

The woman and soldiers looked at me with wide eyes. In the meantime, Rienna and the others continued to attack the other dragons that were coming.

Stones and arrows were flying towards us from below the walls, but Taran used her webs to knock them out of the air.

After that, we unleashed fire magic on the ground as well, creating a wall of fire.

“Ohh! The wave is receding! We succeeded in driving them back!”

The soldiers cried out with joy.

I, Rienna and the others also joined hands and rejoiced over our victory.

“Hey, what happened to Mappa…ah.”

As I looked for Mappa, who had suddenly disappeared, I noticed that the woman, who was likely the commander, was walking towards us.

“Ah, we…”
“Who are you?”

Her eyes looked at us sharply as she pointed her sword in our direction.

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  1. Chaos, chaos, lots and lots of chaos. Maybe the author watched some episodes of Nyarlahotep (name most likely wrong, lulz) before writing this part.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. Where’d Mappa go? We need an old naked man to defuse this situation.

    Also I feel like this female commander is probably this place’s princess or ruler and she’ll probably end up joining Heal’s harem too.

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