Cave King – 110

Chapter 110 – A human was born!!



I shouted on the back of the giant, golden snake…which was really Mappa after being covered in Ryukin.

“Mappa. Sto…uurgghhhaa…”

I held back the urge to vomit as Mappa slithered through the narrow tunnels.

The monsters that we passed by were all shocked to see a giant snake going down the tunnels instead of a train.

Perhaps Mappa’s current form brought back memories of the Leviathan that we had fought.

Well, at least the front of the snake had Mappa’s face, so no one ran away.

Without losing his momentum, Mappa shot right out of the exit of the cave.

When the sight of Sheorl island, and the construction work that was currently underway entered our vision, Mappa curled up and then landed on the ground.

“Haa…we made it…”

When I got off, Haines, the kobold, ran towards me on all fours like a dog.

“A-are you alright? Master Heal?”

He was worried because he saw that my face looked terribly sickly.

However, he then looked at Mappa and sweat started to gush from his forehead.

“What…what kind of monster is that?”

“If I had to give it a name… Maybe Mappathan.”

I answered while trying to catch my breath.

When I turned around, I saw that the Cave Spiders from the underground city were all coming out from behind Mappa.

“Huh? Did we have so many spiders before? And they all seem so large. Also, they look blue.”

“These are Cave Spiders that were living in the underground city. They came here because they wanted to see the surface. So they should be left alone.”

I answered and then headed towards Mappa.

“Mappa. I have to take it back now.”

I said. Mappa looked down at his giant body with a look of regret.

“Don’t worry, we’ll share a little of it with you. It might be useful at the smithy.”

Only Mappa’s face was sticking out of the Ryukin now, and he nodded as if he had no choice.

After seeing this, I gave the order for it to be automatically gathered.

And just like that, the Ryukin started to disappear.

I left Mappa some Ryukin that was about the size of a small shack.

And so Mappa used it to make himself big again.

Then the monster children started to gather around him curiously.

“He’s as popular as ever… Alright. It’s time to use this Ryukin to make some golems.”

I had 50 Heart Stones. I could also try using some Magic Stones.

And so I imagined a Golem that had a human appearance, and was about to start working.


“Hey, Mappa!! What the hell are you doing now!?”

Erevan shouted as he approached the giant Mappa.

Mappa was very proud of his new body, and was not afraid to boast in front of Erevan, who was now significantly smaller than him.

His usually chubby body was gone, and he was now covered in fake muscles.

It was as if he was challenging Erevan, who always took great pride in his own physique.

“You! Do you want to fight!?”

These two again. And it just had to be now.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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