Cave King – 110


What would happen if there was a second Mappa…no, a third?

I shook my head and tried to return to my work of creating Golems.

However, that’s when it happened.

Mappa changed his appearance in an instant right in front of Erevan.


The person standing there was now a shapely woman with Mappa’s face.

And it was in this form, that Mappa leaned in for a kiss.

Erevan tried to move away, but Mappa extended some Ryukin tentacles forward and started to tickle him.

“Ah! St-stop it!! You creep!”

“Oh, no?!”

Before I knew it, those words poured out of my mouth.

A new Golem had been born in front of me.


The thing that was in front of us was a Mappa woman. And it wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Upon seeing this, Mappa immediately tore away the Ryukin and returned to his original form.

Then he jumped on the new Golem.

Apparently, I had done it again…

As everyone watched with expressions of disgust, Mappa tried to kiss the Golem.

However, the Golem was holding out its hand in front of Mappa’s mouth.

Mappa looked disappointed by this indifferent reaction.

Huh? But how did a Golem have a will of its own? Or was it because it was Mappa?

In order to test if this was true, I made a number of other Golems while basing them off of people I had seen in Sanfaris.

However, there was a problem that erupted.

I had made both men and women, old and young, but I had forgotten one thing.

I didn’t order them to put on any clothes.

And they all looked quite embarrassed about this.

“Are…you really embarrassed?”

I asked, and they all said that they were.

This was also a surprise.

They were able to talk.

But then again, Mappa’s voice had suddenly been amplified, so perhaps this was similar to that.

Besides, Golems had always been able to understand my orders and carry them out.

“So-sorry! All of you. Copy those around you and make some clothes!”

I said, and the Golems all transformed their Ryukin so it looked like they were wearing simple clothes.

“I did not expect this… Does Heart Stone make them have actual hearts?”

Or was it just able to make it look like they did.

The Golems nodded when I asked about this.

“So, it’s just for show then.”

But even then, it was still surprising.

Their reaction to being naked had been exactly what you would expect from a human.

Not only that, but they could even talk. This would make it easier to coordinate with the Golems.

After that, I went about modifying the old Golems as well.

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    • Damn…Heal created golems with self-awareness as if this was iRobot…

      What happens if Heal builds a golem with more than one heart, and does this mean No. 15 becomes waifu now?

  1. When I read the title I thought maybe Fule or Rienna had a kid with Heal. Instead it’s referring to the Ryukin golems taking human form. Are we sure Heal didn’t just accidentally create a new species of living organism?

  2. Oh boy, this is getting so complicated and weird yet satisfying, it’s a mixed feeling. Them humanoid golems are humanizing, maybe those heart crystals/gems or even the material (ryoukin) somehow have memories or can form personalities, idk, really weird.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. Are Ryukin like magical nano machine colonies? Passive and inert but emphathic?

    By giving it a heart stone, it receives a will?

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