Cave King – 111

Chapter 111 – We played with the Ryukin!!


“Woah, this…”

I couldn’t help but mutter in awe when I looked at Number 15 after modifying it.

The Golem now looked like a dark, muscular man.

It had handsome facial features and a tidy beard.

It was also wearing the clothes of nobles and the imperial crown was on its head, so it looked like the king of some country.

I had wanted to create a dashing middle-aged man who looked strong…but now, I was starting to think that we should just let Number 15 be our king.

“Huh? Who’s this handsome man!?”

Not only Fule, but the other women of the island were very impressed by it.

Number 15 raised a hand to its chest and bowed beautifully.

“All of you. It is an honor to be the subject of such praise.”

Not only was it handsome, but it had a nice voice. The monster girls were screaming with joy.

And since Number 15 had always acted like a butler of sorts, it was very polite.

Perhaps having Number 15 sit on the imperial throne instead of me wasn’t really a bad idea.

I would just say that we both happened to be called Heal…no, they would never believe that.

In any case, the modifying of the Golems was going well.

They were currently in the forms of humans, but they could easily return to their Golem shapes. Or any other shape I told them to.

What was surprising to me, was while the Ryukin couldn’t turn into anything larger than it was, it could go smaller, to a degree.

For instance, Golem Number 1, was very large.

But once I enveloped it with the Ryukin, it was able to turn into a human or any other monster.

This was incredibly useful.

Because their bodies were too big to move around in the tunnels.

Now they would be able to shrink down while moving towards the underground city, and then return to being gigantic when they arrived… Things would go much smoother now.

Of course, it was suddenly easy to lose track of them when they were smaller…

That being said, there was a limit to how much they could shrink. A giant Golem could not shrink down to the size of a dog or cat.

Upon seeing Number 1, Mappa also shrunk down with the Ryukin.

And he was also able to return to his original size.

It really seemed impossible for such a metal to exist.

“It’s not as if their bodies are disappearing somewhere…how does it work?”

“That’s what bothers you! You have stones that extend your life!”

Fule said. ‘Well, that’s true,’ was the only way I could reply.

“So, Lord Heal. We’re allowed to use the extra stuff, right?”

“Huh? Oh, of course.”

“In that case…”

Fule covered herself in the Ryukin and changed her shape.

What started to appear in front of me was…

“Oh, it’s Erevan.”

“Really? How do I look?”

Fule said as she started to flex her muscles.

As they were father and daughter, their gestures were very similar… Perhaps Fule wanted big muscles too.

“Ah, Fule! Why are you copying me!! Damn it. In that case…”

Erevan poured a barrel of the Ryukin over his head.

After transforming, he was even more muscular than before. He almost looked like a Golem. However, his head remained the same size.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. So now they have T-1000 Terminators…

    Also I really think those Ryukin-covered Golems are sentient living beings now. How else could you explain Golem Number 15 suddenly being able to talk and act polite without being ordered?

  2. Ryuki can’t become something bigger than the original but Mappa was a freaking mountain before……. what happened author?

    Golems gaining intelligence and personality………

    • What happened was that they had Mappa “wear” all that was in the wearhouse. There had been a lot of it down there of course.

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