Cave King – 90

Chapter 90 – The Echo of an Indescribable Scream!!


“What the hell is that!?”

Shouted a goblin who stood on the reclaimed ground.

The creature was so huge that they could see it even without telescopes… It was following Kamyu’s ship as if to swallow it up.

“A-a Leviathan!?”

I could hear some voices say in horror. However, that was no Leviathan.

Numerous, thin and long arms were wriggling as they stretched out of the water.

There was no face in front of the body. It seemed more like an octopus or squid.

While not a Leviathan, it did resemble another mythical creature.

A Kraken…a sea monster.

What separated it from a Leviathan, was that it was not particularly rare for ships to be attacked by a Kraken.

They were pulled down into the sea and eaten…

Though, it was said that there were some who enjoyed the hunt. They would pick off the sailors from the ship, one by one.

“…It seems like Kamyu has brought us something again.”

Fule said, showing no signs of being afraid.

Indeed, we had our own defenses now. The island was safe.

However, if things continued, I feared that Kamyu’s ship would sink.

Of course, it was for times like these that…oh, there it goes.

The giant Mappa Golem that stood in the sea suddenly let out a deafening roar as it began to move.

And then massive amounts of flame were unleashed from its mouth.

The flames grazed the top of Kamyu’s ship and slammed into the Kraken behind it.

The sounds of the explosion echoed across the sea, and we could see tentacles of the Kraken sink in clouds of smoke.

As the water splashed like a thunderous storm, I could hear the monsters on the reclaimed ground shouting for joy.

It had hit the Kraken perfectly…

During the previous attack with the Devil Hoppers, it seemed like it was barely even aiming.

But judging by this attack, there was clearly no problem in that regard.

However, as everyone else cheered, I noticed something.

“The magic energy…is the same?”

The Kraken had sunk into the sea.

However, the energy level was the same. I could still detect it from where I was.

Baris also noticed this.

He had already spread his wings and gone out towards the sea.

And so I too ran out towards the edge of the reclaimed ground.

“Everyone! The Kraken hasn’t been defeated yet! Prepare for battle!”

Rienna had also realized that the Kraken was still alive, and so she called for the others to prepare to fight.

As for the Kraken, it was still hiding below the surface.

However, just as I thought that it was starting to shake its body, it started to move towards the island…it was charging at the Mappa Golem.

It all happened so quickly.

Countless tentacles shot out of the water and wrapped around the Mappa Golem.


It wasn’t just me, the others who were watching also shouted in terror.

Now that I thought about it, I had never given it a proper name…


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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