Cave King – 90


The Mappa Golem breathed fire from its mouth and swung with its great axe.

However, the arms had wrapped around its legs, which were underwater as well. And the Mappa Golem was being strangled.


A surprising moan escaped the Mappa Golem.

Its face suddenly seemed to relax as if it was enjoying it.

All the monsters covered their ears and averted their eyes in disgust.

“Where did that Golem learn such gestures…”

Ah… Now that I thought about it, Mappa often visited the Golem…

He would do strange dances on the Golem’s shoulder and strike poses. Monsters that had gone fishing had made such reports.

Mappa was running next to me now, and he was covering his face as if embarrassed.

Hey, it’s your fault…

I wanted to say, but now was not the time.

The Mappa Golem was made entirely of rock.

That being said, aside from the Leviathan, the Kraken was the most feared monster of the sea.

It could sink giant ships and destroy them in its clutch.

I wasn’t confident that the Mappa Golem would be fine.

Baris and Kamyu were attacking it with magic from the sky. And the underwater Golems were attacking it from the sea.

They were unleashing thunder magic, which was supposed to be effective against sea monsters.

However, it seemed like it was coated in a slime that kept the damage at a minimum.

It was then that the Kraken’s arms swung towards Baris and Kamyu, attempting to swat them out of the sky.

“They can’t kill it…in that case…”

I thrust out my right hand.

However, the tentacles moved so quickly that it was difficult to aim.

Then I just had to increase the area and… But then it might hit the Mappa Golem and the others.

“I have to get closer…”

But there was still quite a distance between us and the Kraken.

Baris was busy fighting and so I couldn’t call him back.

What should I do…

It was just as I was thinking this that something huge shot out to land next to me at a speed that I couldn’t even follow.

A yellow and black pattern…the giant bee that had recently made this island its home. Heath.

Heath was holding a line of rope with its feet.

“Are you…going to carry me?”

Heath nodded with its body and rose into the air a little.

Now only the rope was dangling down.

And I stood on the center of the rope and held the sides with both hands. 

It looked like I was standing on a swing.

Once Heath saw that I was on, she started to fly up into the air.

Heath was even faster than I had expected, and it didn’t help that I already hated heights. And so I was scared.

However, the Mappa Golem was risking its life to fight… No, we had to stop those sounds at once. And so I had to endure this.

As Heath approached the Kraken, the monster must have detected us, because its arms came shooting towards us.

And so I unleashed thunder magic on one of them.

And then, not just the tentacle that was hit, but all of them began to shake, and then they sunk back into the water.

Water splashed into the sky like a fountain, and came down over us like rain. Just then, something rammed towards me.

“Aaah! I knew you could do it, Lord Heal! …Ah.”

However, Heath just moved out of the way.

In the meantime, the Mappa Golem raised the Kraken’s body over its head and showed it to the people on the island.

The defeat of the Kraken and the safe return of Kamyu’s crew caused them all to cheer loudly.

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  1. [thinking this that something] -> {thinking this and that, something} ~ my guess

    Seems Heath also knows or feels that Kamyu is too weird, thus dodged that tackle. Such a good bee.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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