Cave King – 89

Chapter 89 – ‘He’ returned!


And so I returned once again to the place that we had found the gray slimes.

Taran and Fule were with me.

“Alright, let’s start digging again!”

“Aye! It seems like we’re pretty close to our goal!”

Fule and Taran replied cheerfully to my voice.

Behind me, the slimes were hopping around as well. But Shiel alone seemed a little gloomy.

According to Shiel, the fact that we found the original bodies of the slimes…the dwarf corpses, meant that we were close to the control device.

So they would likely regain their old bodies soon…that should make her happy.

However, just like with the dwarves, there was no guarantee that their bodies were all safe. Shiel must be worried about that.

Shiel’s body was likely fine. We had found the cemetery after all.

However, I suppose she felt a lot of responsibility, as she was in the position of a former empress.

“…Shiel. You can rest for awhile if you want?”

I said. But Shiel shook her body to the side.

I guess she was saying that she was fine.

“Alright… Then let’s go together. After all, we won’t know anything until we find it.”

Shiel nodded without a hint of hesitation.

And like that, we continued to dig.

But as I swung my pickaxe, something started to bother me.

Fule seemed to feel it too.

“Isn’t it…kind of hard?”

And then Taran nodded.

So the rock walls felt different to Taran as well.

It wasn’t just that. I could see with my own eyes, that less rock was falling away with every strike.

“Wait a minute. This…”

I paused and then checked my Inventory.

Apparently, the rocks that were being gathered were just normal rocks.

However, I was also digging up something that was unfamiliar.

“Iron Meteorite…”

Meteorites were the giant boulders that rained down from the sky. And this was a kind ore.

Fule then asked me.

“Iron Meteorite?”

“Yeah. You know about meteorites, don’t you? They are a rock that you can get from inside of the meteorite. In my country, they called it ‘iron from heaven,’ and it was sold at a high price.”

As it was quite rare, it was often used in weapons and armor made for the royal family. However, while the color was a little different from normal iron, it was not that much stronger.

So it was a material that was used for bragging, and not particularly for battle.

While normal iron ore had a reddish, brown tint to it, the rock wall in front of us looked like it had refined iron inside.

So it really was true that meteors had fallen.

“Huh. It sounds really amazing! Old Mappa…uh, Mappa will be very pleased to hear about this.”

Fule stubbornly refused to think of Mappa as being younger than her.

Well, Fule was fifteen, and yet the muscular, bearded Mappa was just seven…

As for Mappa, he wasn’t here right now.

His monster apprentices were in charge of extending the railway. And he was currently giving out orders to the gray slimes.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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