Cave King – 74

Chapter 74 – The baby asked me!!


As I swung my pickaxe, I heard the bell ringing from behind me.

It was the bell that the Mithril Golem held, and it was to ring it when it was midday.

And so Fule, Taran, and I stopped mining for now.

“Good work, you two. That was quick. I feel like I only just got started.”

“It really does something to your perception of time, doesn’t it? Because we’re just repeating the same thing over and over again.”

“Yeah… We haven’t found anything new ever since the training grounds.”

Even the ore was all the same.

Two days had passed since the attack of the Devil Hoppers.

We had had to expand our freezer too, but I had still dug for half a day now.

Surely we should discover something soon…

“Anyway, we should go and eat.”

And so we rode the iron carriage and returned to the surface.

However, I noticed an unfamiliar hole on the way.

“…Who dug in a place like this? Stop the carriage.”

I called, and the goblin driver stopped the iron carriage.

I climbed out and peered into the hole, but could not see anything. But I could hear the faint sound of hammering echo from within.

“Hmm? Is someone digging?”

As evidence of this, I saw slimes carrying rocks moving out of the hole.

They were carrying them so that I could gather the materials.

“But, who is it? We’re still deep down. No one but us is supposed to be able to dig down here…”

Fule was right. For reasons of safety, we had restricted where the others could dig until we found the control device.

Specifically, they were only allowed to dig above the training ground.

But we were currently below it. So they should not be digging here.

In other words, someone was breaking the rules.

“Indeed… I think I should go and have a look. Maybe they have a good reason for it. You can all head back.”


“Yeah. I’ll just ask the reason and leave. Shiel can come with me, in case I need someone to send a message.”

“Understood. But, don’t go too easy on them, okay? Rules are rules.”

And so Fule, Taran, and Mappa all went to the surface without me.

“Alright, shall we go, Shiel?”

Shiel nodded.

And so we started to move through the hole.

The fact that the slimes were carrying all of the rock meant that the person who was digging was a resident of the island.

And when I used Magic Detection, I immediately saw that the miners did not have much power at all.

Judging by the shape…there was an adult…and two children? No, they were too small for children…were they…

When I got closer, their identities were revealed.

It was Ril and Mel.

And the humanoid Golem who was standing there, protecting them, now turned to look at us.

I had used a Magic Stone in this Golem so that it could use Shield. It seemed to be protecting them.

“Number 31…I think. Thank you. …Ril, Mel. Didn’t I tell you two that you can’t dig here without me?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Lol, the babies were digging. Imagine finding a new hole in a mine, going in only to find a couple babies digging. Not human babies, but still babies 😀

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