Cave King – 74


Upon hearing this, Ril and Mel put their pickaxes down and turned to face me.

I didn’t even know that Mel could use a pickaxe… But it seemed to be able to use its wings to hold it.

Just like Ril’s, it was very small and made of Mithril. Mappa must have made it.

They quickly bowed their heads.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with digging if you want to… But you have to do it in a higher place.”

I hadn’t told them which places were forbidden.

And I hadn’t told the Golem either, and so it had not stopped them.

Besides, I didn’t sense any magic in the direction that they were digging. And so the Golem had likely decided that there couldn’t be any harm in them being here.

“In any case, we should all go and eat lunch.”

However, Ril barked, ‘Ruff!’ and then pointed to the spot she had been digging.

“Huh? Is there something buried there?”

“Ruff! Ruff!”

Ril nodded eagerly.

“Ril… You really got into digging too, huh…? That makes me happy. But you have to eat first.

If we didn’t go soon, Rienna would be angry at me.

However, Ril’s eyes became very big and teary as she looked up at me.

“Oh, well… But why do you want to dig here?”

Ril pointed at herself and then Mel, and then me.

But I didn’t understand what she meant… It seemed like she wanted to do something to us.

Now that I thought about it, the place that we found the eggs… The place with all of the bird bones. It had been Ril who found it.

She had suddenly stopped as if smelling something. And then she had pointed me in the direction of the bones.

So it was quite possible that she had found something again.

However, I couldn’t sense any magic. And I couldn’t smell anything either. So I had no idea what it could be.

Well, if Ril insisted, I suppose…

“…Can you dig it out quickly?”


Ril replied immediately.

I looked to Shiel, just in case.

Perhaps she knew something…

Shiel’s body shook for a while as if undecided, and then she nodded.

Apparently, this meant that it was okay to dig.

“Alright, let’s dig then.”

And so I raised my pickaxe and hit the rock wall that Ril had pointed at.

And then a blinding light poured in from the cracks.

When the rocks fell away, the sight that spread out before us was…

“…What is this?”

It was a great, circular chamber… And the walls were lined with shelves that were full of books.

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    • Thanks for the chapter desu~

      So Ril discovered a library. Is there an entrance or Teleportation Stone nearby? What language are the books written in? Has the ink faded? Will Heal learn how to use advanced magic?

      The answers to these questions will be answered soon in the next unofficial release of Cave King!

  1. So, a library. The young-lings were digging for a library. What can I say, their senses are quite… special
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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