Realist Demon King – 96

The Son of Ghengis Khan


Mad with fury, the Hero of the Plains descended on the Ashtaroth army.

He led the charge as he unleashed arrow after arrow.

But our defensive line was made to be able to deal with mounted knights.

Trenches were dug so they could not easily invade.

And those who got over the elevated soil would find themselves impaled by long spears.

Our defensive line was perfect, but Jochi got through it easily.

His horse vaulted over the mountain of dirt and he attacked our archers.

His aim atop his horse was like that of a sniper.

And when a soldier got too close, he would decapitate them with his curved sword.

All the while, he had the face of a demon.

That showed how effective my provocation had been.

His rage had transformed into strength, and his hate became destruction.

He was a raging lion.

Once he and his close guards had gotten past the trenches, they entered our formation.

That’s when they met the trolls with spears. However, even the great trolls were powerless in front of Jochi.

One after another, he shot the trolls down as if he were hunting rabbits on the field.

My prized soldiers fell dead as he continued to charge towards me.

Every time his horse took a step closer to me, another soldier died.

He would reach me very soon now.

If he and the rest of his men continued to sweep down here, our perfect defensive line would be destroyed, and the Ashtaroth army would be crushed.

That was how much momentum he had. But things did not go that way.

There was one reason for this.

While Jochi was indeed strong like an insane demon, this only applied to him.

His men were still ordinary monsters.

They may have been brave in their own way, but they were far from what Jochi was.

In other words, he was the only one who could leap over the walls and slay the trolls.

Many of his men were stopped by the iron walls and were killed or scattered.

Jochi’s personal guard fared better. They were human knights and centaurs. However, they were ultimately no match for Toshizou and Jeanne.

And so his subordinates were slowly defeated.

Still, Jochi would not slow down as he charged towards me.

Eve’s expression became very concerned, and she reached for her dagger. But I stopped her.

It would be a shame if I had to be protected by a woman’s dagger on the battlefield. Instead, I told her to bring me my longsword.

This longsword had no name, but it was a great weapon that had sent many Demon Kings to their graves.

I was sure that it could handle Jochi’s sword, and I was right.

The moment that I held it in my hands, Jochi tore through the cloth wall on his horse and attacked me.

Straight and without hesitation, he swung his curved blade towards my heart.

I could see how angry and murderous he was.

In fact, there was nothing left inside of him at that point.

“Demon King Ashtaroth. I will not forgive you for this insult!”

He swung his sword as if he had nothing else to say. I blocked his attacks while preparing to kill him.

I trusted in him.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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