Realist Demon King – 96


If I provoke him, he would break through our iron wall and reach me. He had that much power.

And so I had split up my soldiers and prepared an ambush.

After trading a few blows with him, I used magic to jump back.

And then I raised my right hand. And the previously concealed army of archers appeared.

They were all experts.

And they could not miss at this distance.

They could shoot the eye of a fox that ran through the field.

Perhaps he noticed this.

Jochi froze in midswing.

And then he muttered.

“…Well done. I see now that I have played right into your hands.”

“I wouldn’t say that. You have surprised me and exceeded my expectations.”

“Well, I had to see the face of the man who insulted me before I died.”

“…I will apologize for that. I cannot take back what I said, but allow me to tell you what I truly think. I think you really are the son of Ghengis Khan. After all, I feel like I know what was in your heart when you came down here. ‘By risking this life, and displaying my bravery, I will prove that the blood of the great Khan courses through my veins.’”

Jochi fell silent.


Then he said.

“I am impressed by you, Demon King. You knew everything and provoked and killed me. However, I am at peace with it now. I had been thinking about it before coming to this world. Am I truly the son of the great Khan? Can I prove it? It has plagued me. But now I feel that it must be true. The heart that does not fail when against a hundred soldiers. The bravery to storm an iron defense. And lastly, the pride of not giving in to the enemy until the end. This would not have been possible without the blood of the great Khan.”

Jochi said as he pulled his bow.

Upon seeing this, my archers all fired at once.

Jochi’s body was hit by numerous arrows.

He looked like a hedgehog but did not loosen his grip.

This was all to prove that he was the son of Ghengis Khan.

No normal person could have been alive with those wounds, but he was still able to unleash the arrow.

It went straight for my heart.

The moment it was unleashed, Jochi died on his feet.

Indeed, he looked like the son of the conqueror of the plains.

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    • As the saying goes, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

      This comes to show that bonds that have been made by choice and through time are stronger than the blood ties you have with your family, rather than the opposite.

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