Cave King – 89


He was likely trying to create a perfect axe that could summon lightning. After all, he had embarrassed himself earlier…

“I think I’ll ask him to make me something with it then.”

Fule said. Taran was drawing something circular with her legs.

It seemed like they were having a good time talking about what they could have made.

However, Shiel looked as gloomy as ever.

…What if the control device had been destroyed?

To be honest, I was quite worried about it myself.

I had never seen meteorites fall from the sky.

However, in the long history of Sanfaris, there were many records concerning them.

According to what I had read, in spite of their destructive power, many meteors were only about the size of a person’s head.

However, considering what we were digging up, the iron meteorite here was much larger than that. So the meteors must have been huge.

What kind of destructive force could they have had… While it was in a mountain, an entire country had disappeared.

So it would not be off if the control device had been destroyed as well.

“Shiel… If it’s no use, we’ll think of something else.”

I said. And Shiel nodded.

“In any case, we have to concentrate and work our hardest!”

Fule said. And we all replied cheerfully.

However, just then, we heard a bell ringing from behind us.

When I turned around, I saw that Number 15 was sliding down the slope while riding a sled.

“Number 15. This sound…”

It meant that our friends were returning from afar. It was the first time we heard it, after deciding on the signal.

In other words… ‘He’ had returned.

“Kamyu has returned!”

And so we rushed back to the surface.

When I looked towards the sea from the entrance to the cave, I could see the sails of the ship in the distance.

Then Rienna approached us with a telescope.

“Lord Heal! Use this.”

“Ah, Rienna. Thank you.”

I accepted it from her and looked at the ship near the horizon.

“The black flag and shape of the ship are the same…it is Kamyu’s ship… Ah.”

The angel with golden hair… Kamyu, was flying ahead of the ship and coming this way.

Rienna was also watching with her telescope. She smiled and said,

“That is Kamyu! Hehe. Perhaps she is eager to meet you again, Lord Heal!”

“Oh, uh…”

I’m glad that they were back safely…

But unless she slowed down, she would ram into me like an eagle from the sky.

In fact, Kamyu was flying faster than any eagle.

“Flying at that speed seems really dangerous… Huh?”

I noticed then that there was something strange going on.

While I couldn’t read her expression, her face and hand were directed towards the ship.

“Is she trying to say something? …Oh.”

The direction that Kamyu was pointing…behind the ship. I could see countless, long and thin arms were wriggling out from the water.

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  1. Is it weird that at this point scary/spooky monsters appearing each 3-4 episodes is to be expected?
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • i blame the world tree,the “prosperity” it speaks about its really weird if they had no strenght. they would be done for since we cant be sure it would take in account that

  2. They didn’t eat the lizard so it was about time for more food to arrive to the island .

    Also is is Kamyu a he or she…. because they didn’t chose one.

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