Cave King – 58

Chapter 58 – A beautiful flower bloomed!


The morning after Kamyu left for the continent.


Today, I was once again in the deepest part of the cave, along with Ril and Mel.


Go down by trolley, walk to the farthest point, and swing the pickaxe.


It was a daily routine at this point, and yet I always enjoyed it.


Ril the kobold would dig, and Mel the white pigeon would look at what she found with interest. Watching them was part of the fun.

Currently, Ril seemed to be boasting about a blue gemstone that she had dug up. Was it a sapphire?


However, in terms of what we were finding recently, I was not really satisfied.

I wanted to discover something that was new.

Well, perhaps I had no right to complain when we were still digging up plenty of silver, gold and precious stones.


Not to mention, Kamyu and the others were at sea, with all of the danger that entailed, so I had even less reason to complain.

The more I dug, the better life would be for people on the surface.

In a way, it was my responsibility as the lord of this island.


“Alright, let’s do our best today!”


I said as I swung my pickaxe.




Rocks fell away… However, it seemed like they were shaking on the ground.

It wasn’t just that. I could feel the ground moving weakly under my feet.


Maybe it was just me.

I thought this for a moment, but Ril and Mel were also looking around anxiously.


Apparently, the ground really was moving.


…Was this an earthquake?


It was a natural phenomenon that sometimes occurred in remote parts of the country.

I heard that if strong enough, they could even destroy houses.


…This was bad.

While the tunnels down here were reinforced with pillars, the ceiling could still collapse…


The shaking had not subsided.

It would probably be best to stop for now.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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