Cave King – 58


“Tell the others… Shiel, are you here?”


Shiel had been waiting close by as if to protect Ril and Mel. It now stretched out its body.


“Tell the slimes… Hmm?”


Suddenly, the shaking became so strong that the rocks loudly crashed into each other.

It turned into a roar, and I could hear that something was coming towards us.


“Wh-what!? Everyone, come close to me!”


I quickly cast Shield around us.


However, the shaking did not stop.


I could barely even stand… And then, the shaking suddenly died down.


It was hard to believe that my ears had been filled with roaring just a second ago. Everything was so quiet.


“That was a big earthquake…”


There had never been an earthquake down here before.

Were they alright up on the surface?


As I turned and looked in the direction we had come from, I felt something tugging on my trousers.


When I looked down, I saw that Ril was pointing at the wall of the cave.


“What is it, Ril? Huh?”


Something that looked like a red flower petal was sticking out of the wall.

Well, it was shaped like that, but it seemed soft…almost a meat-like texture.

And there was a groove in the center… There was something very raw about it…


“That’s…not a flower petal. Woah?!”


I saw that it had twitched, and in the next instant, it began to flail around wildly.

The groove was pulsating…and I felt very uncomfortable while looking at it.


This was something that no one should ever dig up… That’s what I felt.


“Wha-what the… Ah, Ril! No!”


Ril held her pickaxe and started to walk towards the wall where the thing was protruding from.

Then she swung down.


The rocks fell away, and at the same time, the thing opened wide.




The thunderous roar sounded from the big hole that had appeared. And at the same time, a furious shower of water was unleashed.

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  1. And another one, another character, another intruder. Might need to upgrade the brain to remember so many.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • Right? I feel like it’s getting kinda redundant with how frequently and nonchalantly ridiculous items and monsters have been appearing in that wacky island.

  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    That monster must’ve been the result of the previous island inhabitants’ unethical research experiments or something.

    Maybe it’s a chimera?

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