Cave King – 57

Chapter 57 – We saw them off!!


Currently, all manner of precious metals and stones were being shot out of the palm of my hand.


Aside from silver and gold, there were rubies, sapphires, diamonds, emeralds… The colorful stones piled up into a mountain that was taller than me.


The residents of the island stood in a circle around the pile, and their voices rose with astonishment.


“It-it’s amazing… I doubt there is anywhere else in the world that has so much treasure.”

“Yes… Besides, it seems like there is more…”


Erevan and Baris were shocked.


To be honest, I was starting to feel a little scared about how my Inventory felt like it wasn’t getting any closer to being empty.


Everything I had dug up until now went into the Inventory.


And so I knew how much there was. But it was quite different to see it all with your own eyes.


I was currently just taking out the materials that would go for a high price in the market. But what if I took out all of the rocks too… I couldn’t imagine what would happen.


After a while, there were no more precious stones in my Inventory. And then Ril, Mel, and the monster children all crowded around.


“Hey, you! These aren’t toys!”


Erevan and the other monsters tried to stop them.

However, I thought that they might as well be allowed to play. Children liked sparkly things.


“Well, I don’t see why they shouldn’t. Even if they managed to lose some of it, we won’t be inconvenienced.”

“Th-that may be, but… But this is your precious fortune, Chief! Alright, you can touch it, but don’t take any of it away!”


‘Okay!’ The children replied cheerfully to Erevan.

After that, they dove and waded through the pile as if they were searching for treasure inside of the treasure.


Rienna watched them and muttered happily.


“You can’t help but want to scoop them up in your hands when you see so much!”

“Yeah. If no one else was around, I would probably take a nap on the pile.”


The feeling of being rich…


Rienna chuckled.


“I understand! Still, you could buy anything that you want with so much money!”

“Indeed. It might be more difficult to find something that you couldn’t buy…”


I could probably buy anything that was sold as a product in my country.

Maybe I could even buy all of it at once.


Well, that wasn’t really realistic. Besides, neither I or the monsters could even go to the royal capital if we wanted to.


Just then, Kamyu opened her mouth.


“Yes. With just the amount of jewels in a child’s hands, you could buy everything that is sold at the orc port. Was it really necessary to take out so much?”


Like Kamyu said, a small bag filled with gold would have been more than enough for trading funds.


“Well, yes… But I just kind of wanted to see how much all of us had dug up.”

“I see. It really is an absurd amount… As for what I am supposed to buy, let’s go over it again.”


I nodded.


“Yes. It would be very helpful if you could concentrate on getting seeds for crops and plants, also livestock, and books for learning skills and literature.”


Seeds would help add a lot of variety to our diet.

Furthermore, it would help us be able to make medicine, dyes and fabrics.


And we also wanted livestock for milk, meat and clothing.


Books would help raise the level of skills on this island.


Thanks to Mappa, it seemed like we didn’t have to buy any tools.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. I just checked the previous chapter, since it felt like I missed one, but no, that’s how this novel jumps from one point to another. Not a bad thing though.

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