Cave King – 123

Chapter 123 – We were taught the strongest fire magic!


After returning to the surface, all the important members were gathered together so that we could discuss Elto.

I was currently introducing Elto, who had returned to her dragon form.

“So that is the reason I will be staying here for a while.”

Elto said as she bowed her head.

Everyone who sat around the table also bowed in reply.

Rienna was then the first person to open her mouth.

“Miss Elto, I heard about what happened to you. It must have been hard to be locked away for…”

“Y-you! Is it true that you tried to challenge the Chief!?”

Erevan suddenly interrupted her.

“General! I don’t think she was actually trying to kill him…”

Rienna said. Elto then added,

“I apologize for the insolence! But I really had no intention to kill! I just wanted to fight because I was bored. I would dominate him with my power and force him to become my servant.”

“Is that true?”

“It-it is true. Besides, a scary-looking man suddenly appeared wielding a pickaxe!! Isn’t it normal to be suspicious!?”

Erevan had a look of realization as he turned to me. Then he nodded understandingly.

“That must be it…”

Fule muttered.

“That’s what persuades them…”

…Well, they had all looked at me as if frightened when we first met. Did I really look so scary when digging…?

Then Fule turned to Elto.

“So, I heard that you can do some amazing magic!?”

“Hmm, indeed. I am the Demon King of Hellfire, which makes me the greatest pyromancer in the world. My firepower is on a different level!”

Elto said with a boastful laugh. Fule sounded very excited as she then asked,

“In that case…could you, uh, teach us this magic?”

“Of course. Teaching magic to the residents of this island, that was the condition that Heal…uh, my master insisted on.”

Elto answered as she stood up.

“Let’s see. As a little warm up, I will burn down this World Tree and…”

“No-no-no!! You can’t do that! What are you thinking!”

Fule cried, but Elto just looked puzzled.

“Hmm? I see. Well, it is the only tree in this area.”

And then Baris addressed her with a curious expression.

“Do you mean to say, Miss Elto, that such trees were not rare for you when you lived on the surface?”

“Mmm. At least, during that time, my homeland was covered in such trees.”

But judging from what Roydon had told me, all of the World Trees were completely gone from those lands.

Rienna then turned to Elto.

“Miss Elto, this tree is very important to us. In fact, it is the only tree of its kind on the continent.”

“Hmm, indeed. I just thought that it would be a good showcase of my power. I’m sorry. Besides, now that I look closer, it seems like there are people up there.”

Elto bowed sincerely.

And then Fule muttered,

“That being said, what kind of magic could burn down the huge World Tree…”

“I see that you can’t wait to see it. In that case, I’ll unleash it towards the sea over there.”

Elto said as she raised her hand towards the open sea.

“What should I do first… I suppose I’ll unleash my strongest spell, Hell Explosion. There doesn’t seem to be any boats or people around…”

Elto scanned the waters and then shouted.

“Hell Explosion!!!!”

And then a small red light shot out of Elto’s palm.

It left a tail of light behind it as it went straight towards the sea.

It was a lot smaller than I was expecting. But, it was too early to make judgments.

However, the light just kept traveling away until it disappeared into the distance.

Erevan folded his arms.

“Hey, hey. Nothing even happened… What!?”

His words turned into shock before he finished.

There was a great flash of light on the horizon, followed by a massive explosion.

“Wh-what the hell is that!?”

It was an explosion so large that it would have covered not just the World Tree, but even something larger than Sheorl Island itself.

Shortly after, violent winds and the sound of the explosion hit Sheorl.

It was all anyone could do to remain on their feet and avoid being blown away.

Erevan shouted.

“Hey! You went too far!”

“S-sorry! I guess it was a little too much?”

A little too much? While the explosion had not hit the island, giant waves were rushing towards us now.

And so Rienna and the others had to help me and create Shields in order to block the waves.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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