Realist Demon King – 108

Sabnac’s Labyrinth


When I awoke the next morning, I encountered a Saint who looked like she was suffering greatly.

Her expression was quite severe as she said, 

“My head hurts. And I feel sick… But I didn’t even eat any rotten cream puffs…”

As she grumbled, I informed her that it was not food poisoning this time, but a hangover.

“So this is a hangover. Well, I feel quite grown up now.”

But her joy lasted but a second. She quickly held her head and groaned loudly.

Thankfully, the medicine I had made the previous day was also quite effective for hangovers. And so I gave what was left of it to Jeanne. She was quite happy.

“Thank you. You always help me when I’m in trouble, Demon King.”

She then drank it, and recovered after a while.

Once she was better, she immediately started to rub her stomach and declare that she was starving. She never changed.

Eve knew that this was coming, and so she had prepared food for her as well. 

We sat down to a breakfast of boiled eggs, hard bread, and dried meat.

Of course, Ryoma ate with us.

She then gave her food supplies to Eve and said,

“I think I’ll have this maid become my private cook. Just for this journey, anyway.”

She had a very generous, likable voice. So even though she was essentially demanding someone cook for her, it did not sound rude as it might have.

Perhaps she was like her father, and had a way of entering the hearts of people.

And so Eve accepted the food without complaint.

“Wonderful. I expected no less from someone so pretty.”

I could only imagine that she had learned such flattery from her father as well. 

Or perhaps she just knew what kind of things people of her gender wanted to hear.

While there was a part of me that wanted to learn, they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So I did not try to put any of it into practice.

It was as I watched her, that she finished eating her breakfast.

In spite of appearances, she did not eat much. She refused the extra food that Eve had prepared, and sent it to Jeanne instead.

Jeanne looked like a dog that was wagging its tail as she thanked her and began to eat the bread and dried meat.

It was all very amusing to watch. Then Ryoma pulled out an iron pipe from her pocket.

It seemed like she was going to do some maintenance work on the pistol.

She turned the barrel as she polished it. And so I spoke to her.

“I suppose that is a revolver? Was it from your father?”

“Oh, you recognize this weapon?”

“I have never seen one before, but I understand the concept.”

“Ah, you are well-read then. Yes, this is a revolver.”

She said as she raised it in the air.

“Guns in this world. They seem like they would be so powerful, but maybe not.”

“Well, these require bullets. And this world has magic. When you consider that, they aren’t the strongest weapon.”

But she continued.

“Still, ranged weapons are valuable. And I am strong.”

She declared.

Yes, it was still a powerful weapon.

That was proven in the fight yesterday.

So I understood why she was so confident.

In the first place, the fact that a beautiful half elf like her was traveling around completely alone, suggested she was a person of great ability.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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