Realist Demon King – 108


While my own lands were relatively safe, I doubted they were safe enough for a woman to travel around alone.

And yet she was traveling all over the continent and doing business. Her skill with the gun must be very high.

She was someone who should prove to be reliable when going into the labyrinth.

“Now, since you’re finished, let’s go into the labyrinth. You do know your way through it, don’t you?”

“Of course. Don’t you doubt it.”

She said with a grin. And I trusted her completely.

The labyrinth under Sabnac’s castle.

It was a natural labyrinth that Sabnac had altered.

Apparently, he intended to create a dungeon where he could keep his treasures.

However, I had destroyed him before its completion.

And so the deeper layers were still untouched by him.

This is what Ryoma had told me.

Where had she received this information?

I was curious enough to ask her.

“Set a thief to catch a thief. I heard it from a mercenary captain that used to work for Sabnac. As you killed his employer, he was forced to come to the floating city.”

“I see. I had brought in some of Sabnac’s soldiers as well. But I never heard about this.”

“Well, only a few of them knew. After all, those who were involved in construction…”

“Were executed?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“All Demon Kings like to do that.”

Well, not just Demon Kings. Humans did that too.

Especially in that place called earth.

The pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the emperors of China. They all killed those who built their mausoleums.

Perhaps they thought it was only natural, as they had treasure buried there. But such things led to a loss of popularity, and the dynasties would fall.

I knew that I would not be following in their footsteps.

Those other Demon Kings and ancient rulers were an example of what not to do.

It was with such thoughts that I entered Sabnac’s labyrinth.

The upper layer was well lit, and there was no need to use torches or magic to see.

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