Cave King – 57


But I told Kamyu that if she found any rare tools that we wouldn’t be able to make, that she should buy them.


“Understood. Oh, and I am to see if there are any skilled orcs that want to come back with us?”

“Yes. Well, they don’t have to be skilled. If someone wants to join us, they can come.”

“Very well. Though, we orcs are generally fighters. And so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any skilled crafters… Also, you want me to pay off the ransom money for any kobold or goblin prisoners? Is it really fine to just free them?”


According to Kamyu, there were lots of captive kobolds and goblins at this orc port.


The orcs would sell them off as slaves. But recently, royal ships were enforcing stronger restrictions, and there was often no one who wanted to buy them.

And so I wanted to use this money to have them released.


Kamyu was asking me if I didn’t want her to bring them here, since I was using so much money.


“I would like to increase the number of residents… But only if they are troubled and have nowhere else to go. Otherwise, they should be free to go where they please.”

“I understand. And I will tell them to keep any future captives without selling them until I come again.”

“Yes, thank you. That’s all from me. The rest of you. Tell Kamyu if there is anything that you want.”


I said. And Rienna was the first to raise her hand.


“Miss Kamyu. I am sure you will be buying books on magic, but I would appreciate it if you could also buy books on cooking and dressmaking?”

“Of course, I will. Do not worry about that. I too think that we need more variety when it comes to clothing! I will buy not just books, but any items of clothing that can be used for reference.”


Kamyu said with a grin.

I was worried that she would buy something questionable… Well, it was true that clothes were really important. Especially in the winter.


“Thank you! It will be a great help.”

“Leave it to me. In the first place, I intend to buy every book that is available there. Orcs don’t really like to read books, so I imagine there is a storage full of dusty books… And some of them might be quite rare.”


Even if books on music or poetry had little practical use, they would still make life on the island more rich.


I nodded at this.


“Yes. We don’t have much for entertainment here, so you should get as many books as you can. I’ll make some shelves where we can put them. Does anyone else have anything they want?”


I asked. And Baris was the next to raise his hand.


“I think it would be good to buy ships, if any are for sale. While we do build ships here, it won’t hurt to have more.”

“Very well. If there are any extra ships of good quality, I will buy them. A few of my ships were still harboured there, so I will bring those back with me. Is there anything else?”


Kamyu asked. But no one else had any requests.


“I suppose that’s it then. I know what this island is lacking, and will get what I can. And leave the rest to me.”

“Yes. Art, toys…luxury items. Just buy anything that looks interesting.”

“Well, we have enough money that I could buy everything and still have change. Alright, we better be going now.”

“Yes. We’re counting on you. Please come back safely.”


I said, and Kamyu chuckled.


“Oh, we shall be fine as long as that Leviathan doesn’t come out again. We’ve sailed through these seas many times. Hell even if it did come, I think we could get away this time. This ship is stronger and I have wind magic.”

“I see. Well, I see now that there was no need to worry.”

“Oh, not at all! You should think of me every night!”


Kamyu said seductively.


I might have averted my eyes before, to be honest.

But Kamyu was now beautiful with long blonde hair. Well…I might still avert my eyes, but this time out of embarrassment.


“And when I do return…I expect a reward.”


I doubted it was anything reasonable… Well, they would be gone for three weeks. And so of course, I would do what I could to reward them.


“I will do what is in my power…”


Kamyu’s face lit up upon hearing this.


“Wonderful! Now, let’s get this job over with! My goal is to return in two weeks!”

“Yes. We’ll have a feast upon your return.”

“It’s a promise! Alright then, I’ll grab some random treasure from this pile.”


So saying, Kamyu started to stuff a sack full of precious stones and metals.


And then she boarded the ship along with her orc crew.


The other supplies had already been taken into the ship, so they had enough food for a crew of 80 orcs to last for three months.

And since they also had wine, medicine made from the leaves of the World Tree, and clothes, it promised to be a comfortable journey.


And while the orcs looked sad to have to leave the island, they did not look worried or afraid.


They still feared the Leviathan, but they were willing to go out to sea now that the ship was coated in Mithril.

At least now, the ship wouldn’t be torn to shreds… I suppose it could still be capsized, but Kamyu could use magic now. With wind magic, she could make the boat sail considerably faster.

Kamyu had insisted that they could outrun even the Leviathan now, and that had quieted the fears of the orcs.


And so the sails were lowered and the ship departed.


Kamyu and the orcs waved their hands from the deck.


“Goodbye!! Lord Heal!!”


We waved back and shouted until they were out of sight.

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  1. All those precious stones and metals, I wonder if they will ever try to make some jewelry smithies/workshops.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. I wonder.. Kamyu might be an orc but she does not look like an orc.. How do you explain to other orcs that you are who you are when you look like this.. Well since it’s light novel it won’t go as bad as it could..

  3. I wonder if there is a god or two waiting to be dug out there. Also the source of the Multiverse is absolutely there somewhere, and it is a rock I bet.

  4. Just… Stupid bloody MC. And the others seem to go along and be just as stupid. First non processed goods are worth alot less in most cases. Secondly, shouldn’t be even using the gems to trade in the first place. Especially with the amount of gold and silver alone should be more than ever needed. F*ck there’s a whole laboratory built in gold. Kamyu should know that she’s basically asking to be robbed or worse if they pay or just casually bring so much wealth. At most should Atleast process the gold/silver into coins. Imagine paying for books, seeds, and basic goods in bars of precious metals. Not to mention if anyone discovers the other rare items the island has they’d just be asking to have every big country wage war on them. Monster or human or elf or dwarven, weather stones that can revive, evolve monsters, increase lifespan, or more.

    Just asking to bring back a ton of slaves is also ridiculously stupid… And noone is saying anything against it.

    Already hate the MC for throwing around every precious resource he finds as useless or not caring about them. He’s supposed to be a prince, the leader of the island, and Atleast somewhat smart. But he’s basically just getting lucky with how lax he is acting that they’re not dead yet, and I bet Hell only be lucky again or super coincidentally get past any future issues and attacks…..

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