Realist Demon King – 92

The Demon King’s Army Departs!


The officers were all gathered together in the war council chamber of Ashtaroth castle.


My maid, Eve.

The Shinsengumi vice-captain, Toshizou Hijikata.

The Maid of Orleans, Jeanne d’Arc.

The dwarf chief, Gottlieb.

And the werewolf who had returned from Eligos castle, Bradenboro.


Normally, Fuma Kotaro would have been here as well, as he was the chief of the intelligence team. However, he was too busy with his work. He had already taken Hanzo with him and started making preparations at the battlefield.


So in a way, you could say that the war had already started.

Eve had put up a map of the area on a blackboard.

She was giving us a detailed report on the current situation.

Her mouth opened as she moved her pointer.

She reminded me of a school teacher.


“As you are all aware, Demon King Zagam has used soul summoning in order to summon a Hero from another world. After giving him full reign of his army, this Hero has subjugated the surrounding area at an alarming rate.”


“And what is this Hero’s name?”


Toshizou asked as he threw his feet up onto the table.


“He is a Hero from a country known as Mongolia. He is the son of the king Genghis Khan. A man who created the largest empire there ever was in Eurasia…”


“I know of Ghengis Khan. They say that when Minamoto Yoshitsune was defeated by his older brother, he fled the continent and became king of the plains.”



I declared.


“Some people may believe that from your country, but it isn’t remotely true, so do be careful. It is not good to make such silly claims.”


Apparently, the rumor that the hero Ghengis Khan was in fact Minamoto Yoshitsune had been spread before the war as a way of justifying an invasion. 


Even after the war, there were some fools who continued to believe it.


It wasn’t certain when Ghengis Khan was born, but the names of his father and mother were known. There was no doubt about him being a Hero that the people of the plains had given birth to.


“Now, let’s return to the subject at hand. It is this Hero’s son, Jochi, that is our enemy now.”


“What about Demon King Zagam?”


“I don’t mean to be rude, but he’s third-rate at best. There is no need to fear him.”


“So, that is how dangerous Jochi is?”


“Yes. He may not have accomplished as much as his father, but he does not bring shame to the blue wolf either.”


Jochi was the oldest son of the great hero.

He was a legitimate child born from Ghengis Khan’s first wife.

He had brothers from the same mother, Chagatai, Ogedai, and Tolui.

They were all proud generals who contributed to their father’s achievements.


And among them Jochi’s work was tremendous. He stuck by his father’s side since he was young and helped him unite the plains of Mongolia.


Whether they were attacking other tribes or the west of central Asia, he was always on the frontlines and showing his bravery.


Due to his accomplishments, Jochi was given vast lands to the west of Asia, and ruled a big part of the Mongolian empire.


The assembly he created would later be called Kipchack Han, and would trouble many students who decided to study history. But that was another story.


Though, the only thing that was important now was that he created a great country in Central Asia.


“And it is this great Hero that has command of all the soldiers. He is more dangerous than the Demon King himself.”


“Indeed. It was the moment that Jochi gained control that our new lands began to shrink.”


“It was so quick. Zagam’s army had many mounted knights to begin with. So Jochi was a good fit for him.”


‘As for that…’ Eve said as she began to read the report.


“Zagam used a lot of materials in order to summon a great number of horses. And he has also summoned centaurs.”


“I see. So he made an army of just horse-riders then.”


“It appears so.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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